Burton Lexa Snowboard Bindings Review

Womens Snowboard Binding from Burton Snowboards

The Burton Lexa Bindings are the sister binding to the popular men’s Burton Cartels, both known to be progressive freestyle bindings. The Re:Flex is fully integrated to the base of this season’s Lexa bindings. It is a modern concept that connects to the purpose of Burton’s Channel design. This is the main reason why the Lexa bindings caught my eye.

Burton Lexa Re:Flex

The Re:Flex and Living Hinge system on the Burton Lexa Bindings, gives a complete base plate of padded material, shedding hardware ounces and adding control, flexibility, and comfort. The Auto-CANT FullBED cushioning system keeps your foot in natural position and the 3D Gel Heel cushion offers heel protection. The Heel Hammock is a great addition, made from reinforced rubber netting on the highback of the binding that actually grips to your boot. The cap strap toe strap can be used in both positions easily and has a grip fit that molds to your boot.

Re:Flex Baseplate and Board Flex

It was all I hoped for and more! The Re:Flex bBaseplate noticeably increased my board flex, control and comfort. The Heel Hammock does keep my boot connected to my highback and the super strap and cap strap toe strap allow me to strap in quickly and are made to feel secure. Unfortunately, there is already cosmetic tearing in the cap strap toe strap area and the smooth glide buckles loosen on occasion. Still, through backcountry, powder, and park I enjoy the response of this binding.

Electric purple with splatter paint got me excited to rock these for awhile. Other color options are basic with splatter paint flair. The look of the Burton Lexa Base Plate screams comfort. The Heel Hammock actually allows you to feel the grip with your fingers first.

The natural support design of the highback and women’s specific fit are ideal for my small feet and aggressive riding.

Overall Impression

27 riding days with these bindings and I am still feeling the flex and control the Re:Flex offers. With the super strap, the fullBED cushioning system, the 3D Gel Heel cushioning and the women’s specific fit this is a very comfortable bindin. As an experienced rider the comfort and Re:Flex technology positively overshadows the small annoyance of loose buckles and cosmetic tears found on the Burton Lexa Snowboard Bindings ($299.95).

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  1. Michael Vonbuelow | December 23, 2011 at 10:02 AM | Reply

    Thanks for the great product review. I liked how you shared your first impressions and didn’t hesitate to point out a few short comings. You didn’t just pull them out of the box, turn them over in your hands a few times and write a review. You clearly really demoed the bindings in a variety of terrains, got a feel for them and shared what you thought cool. Thanks.

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