Burton Mission Snowboard Bindings Review

Burton Mission Snowboard Binding

The Burton Mission Bindings are a great pair of lightweight and durable snowboard bindings, made from a Fiberglass/Nylon composite. The bindings are well built without sacrificing strength. The Ubercap Toe Strap when attached to the foot the bindings is lightweight and feels as if it’s part of your snowboard boot. This is key when spinning, carving or popping ollies. The natural feel when riding is seamless and lightweight.


The Burton Mission Snowboard Bindings flex with your foot allowing you to become one with your board. The padding in the baseplate helps to cushion the shock of hard landings and unstable snow that’s absorbed before reaching your feet. This prolongs the amount of time you can be riding before your legs get fatigued. Allowing you to keep riding until last chairs on those epic days.

With the snug fit allowed due to the Ubercap Toe Strap and the Superstrap Ankle Strap, turning is effortless and there is no slop between your boot and binding. It is no wonder almost all the best pipe and park riders use Burton bindings despite that use of different boots, boards and the like but when it comes to bindings the majority use Burton when it comes down to it. The bindings are comfortable and turn on a dime, this is exactly what I look for in a binding and the Burton Mission bindings deliver when I need them to.

Burton Mission Toe Strap

The binding is easy to control, simple to adjust on the hill to resize or fit various size boots. The Top Strap allows for easy control without crushing the foot, thus allowing for more enjoyable riding experience. I gave a friend my old Burton Freestyle bindings to use, I added the Ubercap Toe Straps to these bindings; my friend was amazed at the ease of control as well as the comfort. It took me a while to get those bindings back from my friend due to these factors. The ease of control makes it easier to learn to ride switch and master landing switch as well, due to the stability of the way the bindings hug the foot.

Binding Feel & Comfort

The Burton Mission bindings are my favorite bindings I have ever ridden, they are the first binding not to hurt my feet. I can’t speak highly enough about this as well he Toe Cap fit and how it holds your foot in place without crushing the top of the feet. When you are riding these bindings you can be crushing the mountain not the other way around. I also like that if ever I do break some of the minor plastic parts on the bindings, I take it to any snowboard shop and they fix it for free no questions asked and it only takes a few minutes. Burton offers a lifetime warranty on these bindings and they are made to last and will honor even the simplest repair. The Smoothglide buckles are easy to adjust while riding and the straps are easy to adjust to the different boots I ride in.

Overall Impression

The control of the Burton Mission Bindings ($239.95) if flawless and has allowed me to improve my riding because of this. When your feet are comfortable and the fit of the binding to the boot is secure you are more at one with your board. Being in the zone allows for superior control and effortless edge-to-edge turning. If I do upgrade my binding ever I will always keep these as my backups, it won’t be easy to part with these bindings anytime soon.


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  1. Hi, great review! I was looking to buy an older version of the Burton Mission binding on ebay. are they good bindings for freeride & powder? I don’t do park

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