Burton Moto Snowboard Boots Review

Burton Snowboard Boots

The time came for me to grab a new pair of snowboard boots. My browsing led me to the Burton Moto Snowboard Boot, which claims to be the most popular snowboard boot in the world. Popular or not, you’re instantly attracted to the Speed Zone lacing and want to see what else it had to offer.

Speed Zone Lacing

The Burton Moto Boots inner liner has integrated lacing. Simply give the top of the lace a pull and your liner is all set. It’s time to tie up. Burton got smart and decided to put this on the outside of the boot as well. Made with a tough lacing, Speed Zone lacing has almost changed the way I look at my boots.

The days of lace, pull, lace, pull are over. Give the top of the Speed Zone lace a firm grip and tighten the boots to your pleasure. The lacing system spreads the tightness across the entire lace, not just the top. It’s faster, easier on the fingers and probably gets your snowboard boots a little bit tighter than the old fashioned way. More comfort plus a few minutes head start on your board buddies feels good every now and then.


I’m not going to lie, I have big feet. I’m a size 15 men’s shoe. I ride a long, wide snowboard, and even with extra room and my bindings turned slightly further than most, my toes have given me drag issues. I even tried riding with a size 14, only to encounter the same result (but I did discover I like the tighter boot size).

Burton Moto’s Shrinkage system is priceless to me. If you’ve never heard of it, it reduces the footprint size of the boot by a whole shoe size. A 10 fits like a 10 but has the footprint of a 9. So by going to size 14, my boot had the footprint of a size 13. My toe overhang has been cut so much that I’ve now turned my bindings a bit outward.

Overall Impression

The features of the Burton Moto snowboard boot are superb. Even with the Shrinkage feature, the boot maintains a relaxed, yet responsive feel, almost middle of the road between the two. The Burton Moto ($199.95) Snowboard Boot offers up a perfect balance of comfort and control when it comes to your feet. Try snowboarding a mile in my boots.

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  1. Rob disappointed | January 2, 2022 at 12:51 PM | Reply

    The soles came off both boots of a Burton Moto womens. Obviously a design or manufacturing fault with the glue. Hopefully they fixed it.

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