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Resin Complete Carver Skateboard

The Carver Skateboard is the perfect skateboard for the skate/surf/snow rat in your family. And with the holiday season right around the corner, now is the best time to start bugging Santa about adding one of these to his list.

See how this Carver Skateboards deck held up riding mountain waves in the Tetons in my review below :

It’s important to mention right off the bat, however, that the Carver Skateboard is quite a bit different than any other skateboard (or even longboard) you’ve probably ridden before. This is because it is designed to ride more like a surfboard than your traditional skateboard. Loose, specially-designed trucks contribute to this surf feel and make the skateboard an awesome training tool for the winter months and for those that don’t live within a stone’s throw of the ocean.

Find out how I was able to cross train throughout the year on this uber progressive Carver board in my review below :

How to Ride a Carver

Carver Skateboard

Dogs and Carver Skateboards Go Together Nicely

At the same time the Carver Skateboard has a surf-like feel, it also imitates snowboarding quite well. Naturally, nothing compares to actually surfing or snowboarding, but the Carver gets as close as it comes. Pumping the trucks on the board is incredibly fun and you’re actually able to generate a hell of a lot of speed from this alone, even on flat-ground with no kicking involved.

And if you really want to get wild on the Carver, head down to a nearby skatepark with a nice shallow bowl section, a snakerun works best. Pumping along is beyond enjoyable and helps you with your rhythm. Plus, a bowl helps you work on your surfing turns and will help you get the whole timing/body movement thing down a little more tightly.

After riding the board way too much in the past few weeks and not getting nearly enough work done, I’ve concluded that the Carver Skateboard is more of a way to stay in shape than a way to actually improve your surf/snow skills. As mentioned above, it imitates surfing and snowboarding decently, but the prime benefit is keeping the old legs in shape and maintaining your coordination, flexibility, and rhythm.

Carver Skateboards = Loads of Fun

Oh, yeah, and the thing is an absolute blast to ride. Even if you’ve never ridden a skateboard before, you’ll love the Carver. Even if you’ve never ridden a skateboard or a snowboard or a surfboard before, you’ll love the Carver. And if you do skate, surf, or hit the mountain on a regular basis, you’ll love this thing even more.

While you will have an extremely difficult time popping an ollie or boardsliding a handrail on the Carver Skateboard, it is an excellent way to stay in shape for surf/snow season and imitate the loose feel of a surfboard or snowboard. And, as mentioned countless times already, the Carver is just plain old fun to rip around on.

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