Colltex Whizzz Skin Review

Colltex Wizz Splitboard Slimbing Skin

Colltex is the manufacturer of some of the best splitboard climbing skins you have most likely never heard of even after a couple decades of dominating the European skin market. I have been reviewing the Colltex Whizzz splitboard skins for the past year here in the Tetons after spending the previous season on the Colltex Extreme skins. Find out what type of conditions these skins perform best in via my review below.

sensational, acrylic-based climbing skin adheres like a “skin without adhesive”.

Colltex Whizzz Skins Review

What is it that makes the Wizzz skins from Colltex differ from other skins on the market? The Whizzz is made of 65% mohair + 35% polyamide. Mohair is the tried and true material for skins that offers great grip and glide all in one. What the Wizzz does is combine mohair with an acrylic adhesive glue-less layer that makes these skins super easy to pull apart and store without the need for a skin saver net.

Splitboard Skin Colltex

Best of all these climbing skins are one of the first in the world that allow for DIY re-coating of the skins thanks to the Whizzz tape. So if you happen to find these skins not performing as well as they did on day 1, simply clean off any dirt that may be on the bottom, lay a fresh layer of Whizzz tape down, cut and with that you essentially have a brand new pair of skins!

With the Acrylic adhesive layer the Colltex Whizzz skins tend to work best on long single use tours as the interface between the skin and board needs to be clean and dry to perform best. Surely you can do numerous laps throughout the day with these skins if you take the time to make sure they are mounted correctly and your skis are free of snow and ice.

Colltex Whizz Splitboard Skin

As for temperatures I found these skins worked really well above O°C. (32°F). However when the temperatures dropped to -16°C (0°F) things started to fail.

Why Should You Buy These Skins?

The Whizzz is a fast touring skin and even better climbing skin. If you’re looking for something that you can slide out fast on the flats while having nice grip on the up, the Whizzz should be on your radar. Another very similar skin form Colltex is the Mix that we reviewed back in 2015, the main difference is the use of the Acrylic adhesive material on the Wizzz.

What can be Improved?

I do find myself touring a lot when temperatures are miserably cold as it keeps the snow good. So I would like to see these skins work a little better in those conditions. Otherwise I can always use the Extreme or even Mix skins when the temps drop below freezing.

Colltex Skins Splitboard

Colltex Mix Skins Weight

I love the lightweight feel of these skins, weighting (192 g) Colltex Mis Skins also the ability to go fast on the way out. I get people commenting all the time as to just how fast these skins are on the flats. We do recommend adding some tail clips ($35 ) for the best interface connections between board and skin and to help stop snow from creeping in.

With an easy to attach tip assembly (shown above) that works on every single splitboard we have tested these skins come out of the box ready to roll without much tinkering. Ideally suited for people living in warmer climates or those that prefer to tour when temperatures are not so chilly.

The Whizzz skins come with a nice little bag for storage, a Colltex skin cutting tool and even a mesh skin protector that can be used during the offseason. These are surely some of the best skins we have ever tested in warmer temperatures and some of the finest materials and skin tech currently on the market. The hiccup becomes where to find these in North America.

Splitboard Skins
Waiting for product details ...

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