Continental Vertical Bike Tire Review

Continental Vertical

Continental pitches the Vertical tire as a ‘classic’, stating that it’s at home on all trails. As far as I can tell, this is dead on. When I first started riding on the Front Range, I had difficulty staying upright when I was cornering on loose, dusty trails. After a day when I went down three times, I decided I needed to change from the Kenda Nevegal 1.5 that I was currently riding. I went to the Continental Vertical 2.3, and I’ve never looked back.

Continental Vertical Tire Review

The pentagonal treads (and reversible tread pattern) provide some serious grip on just about every kind of terrain. I found it to be perfect for the rocky, sandy Front Range as well as extremely effective in the wetter climates of Breckenridge and other high-mountain riding destinations. Whether it’s digging through lush soil or dust, it really sinks its teeth in.

After moving to Northeast England, where every ride is a mud-fest, I discovered that it’s also at home in very wet, boggy conditions. The only time it’s let me down is when there’s mud up to my front hub, and I don’t think there’s any tire that’s going to perform in that situation. The treads to get clogged with mud on occasion, but never so much that I’ve noticed a significant decrease in traction.

Even though the tire is listed as a 2.3, it feels pretty middling in size; definitely larger than a 1.75, but maybe only as big as a standard 2.1. This does keep weight down, but you’re making some small sacrifices in sand and snow, though I haven’t found this to be a problem.

I’ve put a lot of hours on the Verticals that are currently on my ride, and I’ve only had one flat, giving some credence to Conti’s statement that these have ‘high puncture protection’. For a 2.3 general-purpose tire, it’s pretty beefy.

Overall Impression

All in all, the Continental Vertical Tire ($29.74) is a fantastic tire that will serve you well in almost any situation. I wouldn’t recommend it for serious downhill work, and you probably wouldn’t want to race XC on it, but it makes a fantastic every-day tire for pounding the trails around the state.

Continental Vertical Bike Tire
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