Crank Brothers Candy 3 Pedals Review

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I decided to try the Crank Brothers Candy 3 Pedals, and I absolutely love them! Depending on how much float you want, you can bolt the cleats onto your shoes in two different configurations, giving you the option of more float or easier release.

Crank Brothers Candy 3

What I really like about the Crank Brothers Candy 3 Pedals (and why I didn’t go with the Eggbeater, which is significantly lighter) is the steel platform that surrounds the spindle. I like having the wider platform because it makes me feel like I’m pushing against something solid, but more importantly, there’s enough pedal there that you can get up and going without actually clicking in, which is really great for uphill starts. It gives you enough time to get up to speed before you have to get your cleat secured.

Overall Impression

Weight-wise, the Candies aren’t bad at 304g per pair, but the functionality is worth any sacrifice in the weight you’d make. (Though you can always step up to the $350 – Candy 11, which weighs in at a scant 226g per pair.) For $140, the Candy 3’s are a great pedal—that’s all there is to it.

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