Dakine Bronco GORE-TEX Glove Review

Dakine Bronco Glove Review

Now let’s talk finger space. Sometimes when you put a glove on it feels tight, sometimes loose. The Dakine Bronco Glove fit just right.

Dakine Bronco Glove Review

The finger space on these Dakine gloves is perfect lengthways as well as the width. The palm is not baggy. This provides precision pinch action when you’re fishing around the inside of your bag, adjusting your goggles or erecting a probe or shovel. The Dakine Bronco GORE-TEX Gloves are great for long hikes when you’re holding your skis or snowboard.

Let’s examine what it takes to reach the mountain. Depending on your situation, you might have to clear the car, shovel the walk, load the skis, zip up the kid’s jackets, buckle ski boots, the list goes on. These gloves will take you from point A to point B in a lightweight and dry fashion.

Be sure to defer to your heavily insulated gloves during the doldrums of winter because these things can get chilly. Hand warmers won’t help because the tips of the fingers are so thinly insulated that they will just freeze immediately.

During the spring they can get quite wet. Once the 230g fleece lining gets saturated, it’s all over. Both from sweat and from wet snow. The problem with the Dakine Bronco Gloves is that they hold in all of the steamy, sweaty water just as well as its kept out.

The Dakine Bronco ($64.95) is a great all-around utility glove for your dry winter days ranging from 15F to 40F. I would highly recommend these for those shoveling the drive and bringing the kids to the hill to make a jump. Or, for those who want versatility on the mountain and who can also afford a glove for the extremely low temps of winter.

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Dakine Bronco Gore-Tex Glove

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