Dye T1 Goggle Review

Zach Sands testing the Dye T1 Google high in the Tetons Photo | Mountain Weekly News

It seems I was not alone in being a bit skeptical of snow goggles from Dye Optics, known far better for their paintball masks. But I am also not alone in eventually finding out that good optics is good optics, and that the Dye T1 goggle more than holds up in comparison to any big name goggle company.

Dye T1 Goggles Fit

The best thing you can ever say about a goggle is that you don’t have to think about them, and that was definitely the case for the Dye T1. In fact, when wearing them out on the mountain, I kept forgetting that I wasn’t wearing my usual pair. They have a mid-size fit that seem to work well on any size face, and yet have a great contour curve that provides an excellent range of vision. As a skinny guy with a thin face, I usually find that I am either finding goggles to be too bulky or wishing for more peripheral vision, but these guys were a perfect fit.

Zach Sands skiing in the Dye T1 Google at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort Photo | Mountain Weekly News

Zach Sands skiing in the Dye T1 Google at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort Photo | Mountain Weekly News

The Test, in Jackson Hole

The next big consideration is how well the lenses perform when conditions tend towards fogginess, and with its wild temperature swings at various elevations, Jackson Hole was the perfect place to put them to the test. Once again, from top to bottom across a 20-degree temperature variance, I completely forgot I was testing new goggles. They didn’t once fog up, or get too warm or too cold. The 360° degree venting definitely plays a big roll in that, and combines with the fit to give an over-all great performance.

Overall Impression

Lastly, the Dye T1 has a feature that has become a necessity for me: changeable lenses. The system is pretty comparable to the Smith I/O, with small clasps that release to pop out the lens. They are a bit harder to change out than the I/Os (which may just be due to being unfamiliar with a new system), but the clasps are a part of the frame molding, which means you don’t have to worry about an all-important piece of plastic breaking off. Dye has a wide selection of lenses, so you can be sure you’ll find one you like.

Overall, I think the T1 are great goggles. If you are looking break the mold and try something new, or if you just want to give your money to someone else for a change, Dye Optics seems like a great way to go.

Dye T1 Goggle
4.5 / 5 RATING      

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