agle Creek Tarmac AWD 22 Review

Eagle Creek Tarmac AWD 22 Photo Mike Hardaker | Mountain Weekly News

I never thought of luggage as being fun until I tested out the Eagle Creek Tarmac AWD 22. What makes the Tarmac AWD 22 unique is it’s four free moving over-sized wheels that spin in 360 degrees. In the past if you had to make a sharp turn with your luggage in tow you had two options, the first was to pick up your luggage and turn in the direction you were headed or the second option was to put the luggage on two wheels to make your sharp turn. Now you can keep all four wheels of your luggage securely connected to the ground.

Eagle Creek Tarmac 22 Review

As far as construction is concerned the Eagle Creek Tarmac AWD 22 is a wheeled bag that is made to take a beating. The bottom is made of a hard shell 3-ply polycarbonate material that works to protect your belongings inside the luggage and offers a safe and secure place for the handle to stowaway. The frontside of the Tarmac AWD is protected with a mix of honeycomb material and Bi-Tech™ impact, abrasive resistant material. Both the front and back of the Eagle Creek Tarmac AWD 22 combine to offer a professional, sleek and durable looking piece of luggage that is sure to turn some eyes.

Eagle Creek Tarmac AWD 22 Storage Compartments Photo Mike Hardaker | Mountain Weekly News

Eagle Creek Tarmac AWD 22 Storage Compartments Photo Mike Hardaker | Mountain Weekly News

Packing a lot for your next trip, perfect the Eagle Creek Tarmac AWD 22 can hold about 2 weeks’ worth of clothes thanks in part to dual storage compartments. When the luggage is unzipped and opened two huge compartments are revealed. On one side is a zippered and fully enclosed storage compartment that’s compatible with “Eagle Creek’s Pack With It System” and the other side features a mesh compartment holder that is easily adjusted using the attached straps. I found that putting my shirts and pants worked great on the mesh side and used the enclosed side for all my smaller items like boxers, socks and whatnot.

Pros: Eagle Creek’s No Matter What™ Warranty. No matter what happens to your bag, Eagle Creek will replace it. Even if it’s damage from the airlines. Enough storage space for 2 weeks’ worth of clothes!
Cons: This luggage will run away from you on hills, an added lock for the wheels would be helpful for anyone that is using the Eagle Creek Tarmac AWD 22 on any sort of slope.

Tarmac AWD 22 Rugged 360 Wheels

Tarmac AWD 22 Rugged 360 Wheels

Overall the combination of rugged all-weather material, a professional business feel and the dependability of Eagle Creek’s 35 years of innovation come together to create the best piece of wheeled luggage currently on the market. We dare you to go ahead and try and fill the 2550 cu in | 42 L space that the bag offers when fully expanded, you will be pleasantly surprised at just how many nooks and crannies the Eagle Creek Tarmac AWD 22 ($319.99) has.

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