Electric EG2 Review

Electric Eg2 Goggle Review

I recently tried out the Electric EG2 Goggles and thought they were awesome! It is worth noting that these goggles are made for a person with a smaller face.

Electric EG2 Fit

Like I mentioned above, the Electric EG2 Goggle runs slightly small. I wear a helmet snowboarding about half of the time and the goggles still fit, so they’d fit a medium-sized head too. If you have a big head then steer clear of them!

The lens options for the EG2 are great. There is a really wide selection and you’ll be able to find something that suits your preferences. I like to run a bronze-ish lens because I feel like it best blocks the glare of the snow. The only bummer I can report about these Electric goggles is that the lens scratched easily actually on my first day. I’ve been using them for about a month now and while I’ve scratched them a few more times, none of them are very noticeable while shredding. Other than that they have held up really well.

These Electric goggles are very slick. They come in a multitude of colors and I thought that they all looked great. I used the Feel-Good/Bronze/Gold and the color really stuck out. They’re a little on the flashy side, but they do their job, performance-wise and style-wise.

I used these for the first time on a really rainy day in Washington. I usually don’t really like to test products for the first time in the rain, but decided to give these guys a shot. They held up really well in the rain and the wet snow even though they have some pretty gnarly vents. I was a little worried that rain would get in, but they had a really good seal.

Overall Impression

Electric has been a leading eyewear brand for years now and the EG2.5 was as impressive as ever. I definitely encourage you to do yourself a favor and pick a pair of the Electric EG2 Goggle ($179.95) up for ripping up the backcountry or messing around at the park.

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