Garmin Edge 500 Review
When it comes to GPS, Garmin is king. Everyone knows the name, and everyone knows what they do. I recently picked up a Garmin Edge 500 GPS to see if their reputation for excellence extended to their low-/mid-range bike gear. Here’s a breakdown of what I found out. Garmin Edge 500 Review The Edge 500  [...]
SPOT GEN3 GPS Satellite Messenger Review
The main reason for owning a SPOT, in my opinion, is for when the feces hits the oscillator and you need help ASAP. The SPOT GEN 3 also has a whole plethora of other features that make it an even more useful tool in the backcountry. Weighing in at under 125 grams and about half  [...]
Garmin Edge 510 Cycling Computer
Garmin is one of the leaders in GPS devices, Running Watches and their cycling computers are changing the way competitive cyclists train. The Garmin Edge 510 allows cyclist to track their ride using GPS, Speed, Heart Rate, Cadence as well as elevation gain or loss. Garmin Edge 510 Review The newest series connects to real  [...]
Never Get Lost Again with the Magellan SmartGPS
The Magellan SmartGPS, the latest GPS device from Magellan, is the perfect product for people who don’t already have an Android smartphone or an iPhone or for people wanting the added benefits of a dedicated GPS device. Magellan SmartGPS Overview The Magellan SmartGPS does fairly well with navigation. Search by address, place of interest, recent  [...]