• PowderFarmer

    Would you recommend this over the GoPro for powder skiing?

    • Mike Hardaker

      Great question, so far the GoPro is hard to beat for Powder skiing. For a little less money you could get the GoPro Hero3 White: http://bit.ly/1uBPXSh
      I do like the side mounting options on the Garmin and GPS features. So it’s really win win with either.

      Let me know which one you end up with.

    • The Real Chris Kirkpatrick

      If what you are looking for is the highest quality camera I would recommend the Gopro. At $500 it is also quite a bit more expensive than the Garmin Virb ($99 on Amazon) or the Virb Elite which costs around $250. Both versions of the Garmin camera can record 30 frames per second at standard 1080p HD while the Gopro can record at up to 120 fps at 1080p. The Virb elite is a GPS as well as a camera so it has a bunch of features that the Gopro doesn’t. However if all you are looking for for is a way of showing everyone on facebook how well you slarv McConkey turns, you need to consider how much money you want to spend.


      • Mike Hardaker

        Good info, thanks Chris!