Keep your family safe with a Deluxe Survival Kit from Wise

Emergency Survival Kit

Thankfully I haven’t had to legitimately use the Deluxe Survival Kit from Guardian Survival Gear but if I had, I surely would be covered for at least 72 hours! This kit contains 72 hours of insured survival for one person.  I’ve included some user information in each section that I believe is important to getting a full understanding of this survival kit.

*Users note- the water will freeze but can be thawed out easily due to their small size.  It always a good idea to have more food.  Throw another box of Clif bars in the bag!

*Users note- the 5-in-1 contains whistle, compass, reflective mirror, waterproof storage case for money or matches, and a match striker.  Extra batteries because when its cold electronics don’t last as long.

*Users note- these items are suitable for survival but in very cold conditions they won’t be enough for an overnight.  Keep a nice wool blanket in your car.  If you’re hiking, a lightweight down blanket is a good substitute for wool.

*Users note- the re-sealable bags are simply sandwich bags.  I’ve already ripped two.  If you’re concerned about waterproofing then ditch the plastic bags that come with the kit and replace them with heavy-duty freezer bags.

*Users note- nothing here will get you ready for a black tie event but it will keep your wounds clean and your stench to a minimum.

*Users note- the kit does not contain aspirin, which is a useful pill for inhibiting the production of platelets in the event of a heart attack.  Chew a small amount for the best results!

*Users note- I like to throw some family pictures in my survival kit, it helps kill time if your stuck and it also can give you motivation to get help!  I also keep a small paperback book in my bag; reading aloud can be calming in the event of an emergency, especially if you have children with you.

Keep safe and sane with the piece of mind that comes from having the Wise Emergency Survival Kit in your car.

Wise Emergency Survival Kit
4.5 / 5 RATING      

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