Eton Field AM/FM/Shortwave Radio with RDS Review

Eton Field Shortwave Radio Photo Nick Muckerman | Mountain Weekly NewsEton Field Shortwave Radio Test | Photo Nick Muckerman Mountain Weekly News

The Eton Field Radio is a quality radio designed for the outdoors person and traveler. This is possibly the best shortwave radio on the market with a solid build, tons of reliable and comes in a compact size.

The Field from Eton proved very handy at camp as a solid, dependable and far-reaching radio. The dials are simple to use and the tuner is surprisingly sensitive. Reception is aided by a telescopic FM antenna. The device also has inputs for an external antenna as well for an even greater range.

I tested this unit in Idaho while hunting grouse and training dogs in the field. See my thoughts below :

LCD Screen

The Eton Field radio has a clear, orange digital LCD display which is much easier to use than a non-digital dial type tuner where the user can never be sure which station is on until it is announced. The Field offers 50 memory stations as well as headphone jacks. The sound is very powerful and clear. The radio has an AC adaptor or takes 4D batteries for use in the field. An additional feature the device has is a minijack input so that the user can hook up and play from a portable player through the Field’s speakers.

Base Camp vs Field

Although the radio is labeled as a field, it is still for a base camp type situation. It isn’t the type of radio you would want to hike with or horseback into a camp with. But it is perfect for camping from a car or camper, or general traveling. The dimensions are approximately 12x7x2.5 inches. This makes the radio compact. Additionally, the Field is solidly built and clearly very durable.

Overall Impression

For those outdoorspeople in the market for a reliable, durable and compact radio for around camp, the Eton Field Radio ($99) is a solid choice.

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