Smith I/O Goggle Review
Eyeballs are fickle things. Whether you got to dissect a cow’s eye in grade-ten biology or not, you’re probably aware there is a lot going on in there, no matter how clumsy or shaky your fifteen year old hands were with that scalpel. We’re visual creatures, our lives and perceptions of our immediate surroundings typically  [...]
VonZipper Skylab Goggle
I picked up the VonZipper Skylab Goggle to see how a slightly cheaper goggle held up and performed. One of the things that really stuck out about these from the first time I wore them was how simple they are. Not flashy at all. I really like that. The VonZipper Skylab Goggle is smaller than  [...]
Incline Optics Adept Goggle Review
Allow me to introduce my latest goggle of choice: the Adept by Incline Optics. The newly established Incline Optics is a promising company founded by Montana natives. “Innovative. Intelligent. Inspired.” is its main claim, which has proven to be a convincing proposal for its gog-gles. Incline Optic’s prototype, the Adept Goggle, is an impressive foundational  [...]
Electric EG2 Goggle Review
I normally wear Utopia Optics goggles for snowboarding, but I recently tried out the Electric EG2 Goggle and thought they were awesome! It is worth noting that these goggles are made for a person with a smaller face. I’ve seen a lot of girls wearing them, but they definitely aren’t girly just small. The peripheral  [...]
Revo Moog Goggle Review
They’re here. Revo’s signature lens technology has returned to the snow world in its 2016 line of goggles. Thirty years ago, Revo’s Light Management System hit the market and quickly became the go-to option for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. Its polarized lenses offered such great visual performance on the slopes, Revo was adopted as the  [...]
Best Running Sunglasses
Sunglasses are great until you scratch the lenses, bend the frames or worse yet leave them somewhere where you can’t find them. Spending a bunch of money on a pair of sunglasses that odds are will end up damaged or lost is just foolish. We picked 3 of the best running sunglasses that will allow  [...]