Smith I/O Goggle Review

Smith I/O Goggle Review

Eyeballs are fickle things. Whether you got to dissect a cow’s eye in grade-ten biology or not, you’re probably aware there is a lot going on in there, no matter how clumsy or shaky your fifteen year old hands were with that scalpel.

We’re visual creatures, our lives and perceptions of our immediate surroundings typically guided most intensely by what we see around us. Protecting our vision, and whenever possible, augmenting that vision, is a really big deal.

Consider the sunglasses Rowdy Roddy Piper wore in cult-classic flick, “They Live.” Or the X-ray glasses flogged in 1950’s comic books; From calling out the lizard people, to seeing through any and all fabrics known to man, suitable eyewear for suitable tasks get us where we want to go and ensure our view of things is never compromised (unless you are willfully ignorant and didn’t want to know about our exploitative alien overlords in the first place).

The Smith I/O goggles will keep your laser beam shooting eyes under wraps, and have the versatility to switch up lenses for changing conditions on the fly. I got to hammer a few days out with a demo pair this late April season, and was seriously impressed with the ease of switching lenses- Didn’t even need to take my uphill gloves off, thus avoiding thumbprints and cold fingers.

The fit and specifically the peripheral on these ChromaPop lens is great, too- I really like the almost external lens orientation, the interface between the frame and lens a really cool advent.

Huffing through isothermic snowpack to top out on blowing, subzero ridgelines, I was also impressed with how little fog-up I was getting. Ordinarily, when I switch over from sunglasses to goggles to prep for the down my steamy little peepers are churning out enough heat to warm a Taos bachelor pad.

Testing Smith I/O Goggle
But the I/O goggles seem to handle it just fine. Is it a matter of millimeters, the lens just that tiny bit further away than a conventional one would sit?

Face shapes vary (really, they do!) but from where I’m sitting and how my Mr. Potato Head features are arranged, the I/O’s with their fit and face-foam made for a great snug enclosure. I’d even consider using these amidst an attic asbestos abatement- they fit that well!

Snowboarding in Smith Goggles

I also like just how hypoallergenic the face foam is. Weird, but I often find my face retaliates after a day in the mountains, mild eczema flaring up from sunglasses, goggle foam and constant high-speed overhead face-shots.

But the I/O goggles deliver on this front too. I don’t know if they used unicorn hide or Pegasus chamois or what, and I don’t really care, but three big days out and I’ve yet to break out. Stoked!

Past Smith I/O Review

There’s only one goggle you need this winter, with Smith I/O Goggle with interchangeable lens system. Featuring their patented Vaporator Lens Technology, you won’t want to use anything else this season, nor should you.

The spherical, Carbonic-X Lens with TLT Optics will beam distortion-free rays straight to your eye balls, enabling you to almost have x-ray vision on those souped-out low-vis days.

They also feature an Anti-Fog inner lens that blasts away fogginess at 5x times the rate as other goggles. Along with a Smith’s patented Vaporator Lens Gasket, these goggles are set to crush this winter.

As with the ever popular Smith I/O goggle line, you get interchangeable lenses. That means one pair of goggles, and a quick-release system that allows you to get those mirrored lenses in ASAP before you go blind on sunny days. They’re also helmet compatible with a lifetime warranty, giving you basically nothing to think about when buying a pair of these bad boys.

After all, Sage Cattabriga-Alosa loves ‘em, and so does Xavier de la Rue – that should be enough of an endorsement right there. These are some of the best ski goggles on the market. (clearly rip for snowboarding too)

Waiting for product details ...

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