Five Ten Maltese Falcon Shoes Review

Five Ten Maltese Falcon Review

I’ve had the pleasure of testing out a pair of Five Ten Maltese Falcon Shoes here in the Tetons and wanted to share my feelings below.

Since 1985 the Five Ten footwear brand has been helping climbers and recently mountain bikers excel on whatever adventures come there way.

Five Ten Maltese Falcon Review

Perhaps these shoes took their name from the 1941 film The Maltese Falcon as according to Wikipedia:

The story follows a San Francisco private detective and his dealings with three unscrupulous adventurers, all of whom are competing to obtain a jewel-encrusted falcon statuette

All kidding aside what makes these shoes unique is the way they feel on your feet. Thanks to healthy dosing of mesh material on the entire length of the tongue, on the side panels and around the upper part of the heel the Five Ten Maltese Falcon is not only super breathable it’s comfortable too.

Maltese Falcon MTB Shoe

The Maltese Falcon heel cup has thick padding that wraps around the entire heel, being thickest in the center and then thinning as it moves toward the front of the shoe. This design really cradles your foot into place taking away any heel lift that you may have experienced in the past with other mountain bike shoes.

Five Ten Maltese Falcon Laces Bike Shoes

A traditional lace and Velcro strap system is used to ensure the top and bottom of your foot stay secure in these shoes. Once everything is tightened up the shoe has a very powerful, natural feel underfoot.

Stealth® S1™ Rubber Outsole

The bottom of these shoes simply put is burly. Five Ten utilized the Stealth® S1™ rubber outsole on the Maltese Falcon which gives piece of mind when walking, climbing or even riding over rugged mountainous terrain where grip is important.

Five Ten Stealth Sole

The shoes are a little on the stiffer side, which is actually ok. The power transfer from my feet through the pedals was unlike anything I had experienced in the past. My normal trail ride laps where faster, I felt more confident and at the end of the day my feet didn’t hurt.

However, they did get wet.

As mentioned above the Maltese Falcon uses mesh on the side and tongue, and leather for the upper part. When riding on dry trails this system worked without fail. However, when it came to riding in the rain (which is not really recommended anyway) I ended up with a soggy shoe. Most likely water was able to easily enter into the mesh and had a hard time draining through the rubber outsole.

Wet MTB Shoe

Keep this in mind if you’re buying this shoe especially if you ride a bunch in the PNW. For everyone else, it won’t be much of a problem.

SPD Compatible

The Maltese Falcon is built to work with or without the use of the SPD system. I ride XC so I love using SPD. For the freeride crowd these shoes would be sweet as well without locking your feet into place as the rubber on the bottom of the Maltese Falcon is tacky with just the right amount of give.

Maltese Falcon SPD Shoe Pedal

Overall Impression

For a comfortable, rad looking MTB shoe the Maltese Falcon by Five Ten ($129.95) should be on your radar. You may even find yourself wearing these shoes around town for errands, or perhaps as an approach shoe for your next climbing adventure.

The keyword here is the adventure when you buy a pair of Five Ten Maltese Falcon shoes the mountains become your personal playground.

Five Ten Maltese Falcon Clipless MTB Shoe

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