Best Trail Running Shoes
When you’re hitting the trail for a run, you need your shoes to provide the optimum amount of support, grip, and durability to keep you moving and reduce the chances of injury. Trail running shoes are built to be sturdier than regular running shoes, making them quite a bit heavier—but that extra weight translates into  [...]
DC Unilite Trainer Review
DC Shoes – a brand known for creating durable skate shoes, Blunt magazine, and the responsive DC Unilite Trainer has made the plunge into the fitness world by unleashing its first ever training shoe designed with athletes in mind. The DC Unilite Trainer is a lightweight, breathable training shoe that features a moisture wicking Ortholite  [...]
Puma Eco Ortholite Shoes Review
When contemplating the Puma Eco Ortholite Shoe, I was looking for a comfortable shoe that could be worn in various conditions. The Puma Eco seemed to fit these criteria. Available in a host of colors, I was not sure which combination choose so I went Black on Black– a classic color combination that goes with  [...]
Great Trail Running Shoe from La Sportiva – Bushido
I’ve been running on the La Sportiva Bushido since they came out in the spring. With classic La Sportiva yellow/black available, you can look retro but enjoy the newest performance advantages in La Sportiva technology too. The elastic, sock-like tongue setup is soft but not overwhelming, and the heel cup and stiffer sole just speak  [...]
Altra One2 Running Shoe Review
Take a look at your feet, now look at your shoes.. Notice a difference in shape? Altra Running shoes were created with runners needs in mind, by runners, for runners. I have had the pleasure of testing a pair of Altra One2Running Shoes for the past few months and have literally forgotten about every other  [...]
Icebug Certo BUGrip Year Round Trail Running Shoe
If you like to run and you live in the mountains then your probably aware of the challenges that come with running during the winter months. Going out for a run without the proper footwear can easily lead to serious injuries as snow and ice can make for tough running conditions. However now you can  [...]
Vasque Pendulum Running Shoe
The Pitch: Vasque has been manufacturing high performance mountaineering and hiking boots since 1965, with decades of experience on the trail the company was is in the perfect position to work with trail runners, the Vasque Pendulum Trail Running Shoe is one of the best shoes we have ever tested. Vasque was named after the  [...]
Salomon Synapse Shoe Review
Sometimes I want to hike on the trail, and then seconds later I feel like running. That’s where a pair of shoes like the Salomon Men’s Synapse comes into play. The Synapse offers the perfect combination of durable, yet supple performance that is ideal for running, walking, or trekking on the trail. The Salomon Synapse  [...]