Frends Earbuds Headphone Review

Frends The Coupe

I was looking to get a new pair of Earbuds, and heard good things about Frends Coupe Earbud Headphones and wanted to see how they stacked up to the other Ear Buds.

See how the Frends shred inspired snowboard earbuds held up in my test below :

Frends Headphone Review

I immediately loved the audio quality and comfort of the Earbuds. I was looking for something that would be great for workouts, snowboarding, biking and just to listen to some music when I want to “tune” out the outside world.

The Coupe fit comfortably right out of the box, the sound is great and the audio quality is crisp and clear. I noticed that I don’t need to have the volume cranked to hear the music, but when I do it crank it sounds amazing.

Frends Headphones Earbuds sound great, they are some of the best snowboard earbuds as they never fall out of my ears. I did have some issues with the headphone jack pulling out of my iPod while I was snowboarding. This happened multiple times, so I put a small piece of Gorilla Tape over the headphone jack to keep the Earbuds locked in. This was the only issue I ran into with these Earbuds. The sound quality is amazing and a little tape keeps me rocking on the mountain.

I am really impressed with the audio quality of The Coupe. I also like the comfort and ease of use. They are the most comfortable Earbuds I have ever worn and they fit well under my Smith Vantage Helmet, but still allow me to hear skiers and riders around me too. I would recommend these Ear Buds if you are looking for a new pair.

Waiting for product details ...

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