Fresh Coffee From Around the World Delivered to Your Doorstep

Caffeine Rebel Coffee Photo Mike Hardaker | Mountain Weekly News

We currently live in a global economy via a digital world, that being said access to goods from far off places is now as easy as the click of a mouse. Imagine waking up to fresh coffee from around the globe being delivered to your front door? Sound like some thing you would enjoy, I know I sure do thanks to a new coffee subscription company called Caffeine Rebel.

The Coffee Aficionado

Before I start this review, let me be fair I really love coffee.. So my first and hopefully not last package of coffee arrived from Caffeine Rebel dubbed as “The Coffee Aficionado”. The Aficionado subscription delivers 2 bags of freshly roasted 12 ounce coffee monthly for $39.99. Keep in mind these beans are not what you would find at Starbucks or even your local coffee roaster.

What Sets Caffeine Rebel Apart

For starters these are incredibly fresh beans, that actually looked and smelled different from any other coffee beans I have tried. The beans are delivered direct from the roaster without sitting around collecting dust. There was a hint of green to the beans and a very light color which at first had me thinking there wouldn’t be any kick, boy was I wrong on that. I sampled two flavors the Toarco Estate from Indonesia and the Nocte Dulce Blend from Columbia.

Caffeine Rebel Coffee Photo Mike Hardaker | Mountain Weekly News

A Caffeine Rebel Subscription is much cheaper than a flight to Indo

One of the greatest things about traveling and how I actually got turned onto coffee is sampling local coffee in different regions around the world. The only problem with doing that is you need free time and deep pockets to be able to get to the places known for the best coffee. That’s where Caffeine Rebel comes into play.

Coffee Subscription

The company offers monthly subscriptions starting at $29.99 for the aptly named “Rookie” subscription all the way up to the “Coffee Crusader” which makes up to 120 cups of coffee.

If you’re on the fence about signing up for a subscription to try coffee you have never heard of or tasted I don’t blame you, Caffeine Rebel also sells bags directly without signing up for the subscription however just like you I had no clue what to expect when the beans arrived.

Now all I can do is laugh at how my local beans fail to compare to the international assortment of coffee that was delivered to my front door, no offense is meant to the great coffee roasters around Jackson Hole, it’s just not the same.

If you find yourself searching for a different bag of beans each time you shop for coffee, or if you are the sort of person that loves coffee from far off places be sure to head over to Caffeine Rebel to learn more.

Learn how to keep your coffee warm year round.

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