G3 Alpinist Climbing Skins Review

Mike Hardaker touring in the g3 alpinist skin Photo Nathaniel Murphy | Mountain Weekly News

The G3 Alpinists Splitboard Skins are the grippiest skins I’ve used, on both sides. I am a firm believer in having different skins for different uses, just like having a different pair of skis or snowboard quiver for different conditions. These particular skins excel while touring in warm spring snow, Cascade concrete, and on steep ups, but don’t glide nearly like a good mohair or mixed skin.

G3 Alpinist Splitboard Skins Review

G3 Skins will take you to grat places, Nathaniel Murphy stoked in the Tetons Photo Mike Hardaker | Mountain Weekly News

Your friends who don’t like to go straight up the mountain will not be so happy with you… But the G3 Alpinist Skin grip and glue combo will keep you sticking to the snow, that’s what’s most important for anyone not playing in the Rando racing world right?. The glue dries relatively quickly and doesn’t gob up too bad. Keep it clean by not skinning on mud, needles or fur and you should be OK, otherwise, it’s quickly cleaned with a brown paper bag and an iron.

As far as tip and tail attachments, the G3 Alpinist Climbing Skins have a rather simple 2 prong variable top attachment that works with most shapes, and a nice simple camming tail with some stretch.

>>> G3 makes reliable splitboard skins.

g3 Alpinist Skins for splitboard

Overall Impression

The edges are nicely rounded and there is always a satisfactory snap when the skin is on. Taking them off is a breeze as well, with a nice folding feel and flexibility. The G3 Alpinist Skins ($159.95) is a nice, reliable skin for the backcountry.

G3 Alpinist Climbing Skins

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