G3 Ion 12 Ski Binding Review

G3 Ion 12 Binding Ski

The G3 Ion 12 Binding can handle what I dish out and that’s lots of abuse. Being made of metal really helps add to the strength level. With no broken plastic parts, it raises my confidence level to go get it done in the hills.

G3 Ion 12 Binding Review

G3 Ion Binding

With a toe of 12 and a range of adjustment from 5-12 in the heel the G3 Ion 12 Bindings are pretty viselike in their grip. When set to the boot properly you will not have faulty release issues at the heel or toe. If the boots aren’t spaced correctly or you have ice buildup under the toe spring you may have release issues. G3 has put a ski pole poker hole under the toe spring to remove ice more easily.

This being said when I ski steep, exposed, no fall lines I still lock my toes into touring mode while skiing. There are some places in the backcountry that losing a ski can be fatal.

G3 Ion 12 Heel Riser

One of my favorite features of the G3 Ion 12 Binding is the heel risers. They are made of metal which adds to the durability factor. Instead of being a twist mechanism like some other bindings the Ions flip into place and stack to maximize height on the steeper ascents.

Another favorite feature is the toe stopper that helps you position you boot more easily when stepping into the binding. This makes getting it the binding a breeze on the flats and really helps when you’re putting on the binding somewhere scary.

G3 Ion 12 Binding Ski Toe Stopper

Overall Impression

The G3 Ion 12 ($579.95) is heavier than some those little rando racing bindings that are out there but with the extra weight comes piece of mind. And that can make all the difference in having the confidence to tackle the lines that fill your dreams.


G3 Ion 12 Ski Binding

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