G3 Scala Climbing Skins Review

G3 Scala Skin

The G3 Scala Skins had no issue gliding through moist snow on my last tour, nor did I experience glopping as temperatures and speed deviated. I have also used this product in below zero temps, and had similar results.

G3 Scala Skins Review

The plastic section on the front of the G3 Scala Skins is a huge plus when it’s my turn to set the skin track. It is rugged and cuts through untracked snow with ease.  Unlike other products, where snow saturation from setting a skin track ruins adhesiveness, the G3 Scala holds in place. This is primarily due to the adhesive section not starting until after the plastic segment.

G3 Scala Climbing Skins

Slip: Steeper sections, while hiking, are no trouble as long as my weight stays centered. I experience minimal slippage, and those few cases are certainly user error. Overall the skins have a strong grip in both the fabric and plastic sections; a HUGE benefit for a rookie skinner.

G3 Scala Skins

Adhesive: The adhesive creates a strong bond between the skin and the ski. I am a smaller woman, and it requires some force to remove these skins. While this can be a grunt fest, overall, it is a benefit. The strong adhesive allows me to remove and reapply the skins multiple times throughout the day. On the tour mentioned above, I was able to take my skins off and on 5 times without any reapplication issues. My fiancé on the other hand, by the last application, was crossing his fingers that his skins would reapply.

Overall Impression

Touring in G3 Scala Skins

The G3 Scala Skin ($129.95) was a solid investment. I know when using this product I do not have to worry about gear failure or setback.

G3 Scala Skins
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