Giro Chamber Bike Shoes Review

Giro Chamber Shoes

Have you ever jumped off your bike and walked into a store to feel like a kook clanking around in your bike shoes? I know I have, however, those days are long gone with the introduction of the Giro Chamber Shoes skate style mountain bike shoes.

Vibram Soles

Giro Chamber Shoe

Giro Chamber MTB Shoe | Photo Mike Hardaker Mountain Weekly News

What sets the Giro Chambers Shoes apart from the competition first and foremost is the way your feet feel while wearing these shoes.

Pressure points have been eliminated underfoot where the cleats live, instead replaced by the forgiving Vibram outsole. Along with superior grip Vibram outsole’s help to dampen vibration from your bike up through your feet.

Giro incorporated heel cups into the Chamber shoe that stops your heal from slipping while riding. Not only does the retention system hold your heel in place, but it also offers a confident and secure feeling around your ankle.

The Giro Chamber MTB Shoes are designed to work with SPD pedal/cleat system which is included in the box. Getting ready to send something big? Rest assured these shoes will stay in place.

Working our way up the shoe, Giro mixes traditional shoelaces with the benefits of the power strap to offer a secure and reliable fit.

Chamber Shoe Features

Not only do the Chamber shoes perform well, but they also look amazing too thanks to Giro’s use of black synthetic leather on the top 3/4 of this shoe.

Do you have smelly feet when you ride? Giro added the Aegis Single Density Footbed to the Chamber shoes to cut down on stench while on longer rides, which helps as these are not the most breathable shoes on the market.

With a re-enforced toe box and Molded SPD compatible shank, these shoes can take a beating as they should. You’re buying a pair of mountain bike shoes that are designed to be in rocky, muddy, dirty terrain. Although the leather can and will easily get scuffed up the parts of the shoe doing all the work are designed for abuse.

Ideal use: DH/Enduro

Don’t be fooled by the skate-inspired, street shoe look – the Chamber™is a pure performance race shoe packed with technical features.

Giro Chamber Fit and Feel

These shoes are on the stiffer side offering just enough support for standing over your pedals while staying comfortable enough for walking around town running errands. Along with the support comes some added weight 1.1 LB.

The Giro Chamber MTB Shoes ($139.95) are perfect for someone looking to go from riding in flats to clipless shoes.

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