GNU Billy Goat Snowboard Review

2018 GNU Billy Goat Snowboard

The GNU Billy Goat Snowboard will replace every board you have ever owned and open your eyes to endless possibilities! There have been few if any boards that I have ever ridden that can truly “do it all”. The Gnu Billy goat is one of them.

GNU Billy Goat Review

The GNU Billy Goat Snowboard was designed by the legend himself Temple Cummins, and the boys at Mervin Manufacturing which fulfills the needs of big line chargers and park riders alike.

First, off the new C3 BTX is a large change between the C2 of past Billy Goats. C3 offers and mellow rocker between the feet with camber dominating the board overall. This allows a much more aggressive feel to the board. It’s not as floaty as the C2 and initiates turns much quicker.

That being said it may be a little tougher to ride if you’re not on your game. With the stance set back slightly, it still remains very floaty in the powder like the C2 models.

The Magnetraction .5 is a mellower serrated edge that is designed to give a little more play in this model. It works very well with this boards camber profile and allows you to really dig in on those turns without the catchy feeling of past magnatraction boards.

GNU Billy Goat Video

This board is on the stiff to medium-stiff side. After riding for a little while it breaks in a little, but not much. Very stable at high speed, and possibly not the best board for jibbing, but it does well jumping. The damping in this board really allows you to turn it loose in big open spaces with mixed conditions and stomp large drops with having to take much beating on the legs.

Overall Impression

The GNU Billy Goat Snowboard ($599.00) rides like a big mountain freeride board on steroids. It has the feel of a freeride specific board mixed in with a powder board and a little park and pipe board to boot. I’m pretty amazed at how well it performs on such different types of terrain. Powder to ice, steep to groomers the GNU Billygoat has got it covered and then gives you some!!

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