GoScope Pole Review

GoScope Extreme

Over the years we have developed clever ways to mount GoPro’s to ski poles, golf clubs and even broom handles to extend the field of view of these tiny little HD cameras. However, none of the mounts listed were specifically designed for filming with a GoPro camera until this year with the release of the GoScope Extreme Telescoping Monopod.

GoScope Pole Review

The GoScope Extreme Monopod weighs only 6 ounces and can extend for 17″ to 37″ in length. It easily fits inside your backpack and when fully extended makes for great follow-cam shots or the every popular selfie angle. Some of the features I really like on the GoScope are the sturdiness of the pole which eliminates camera shake, the padded grip on the handle and a leash that synchs around your wrist in case you get worked.

What makes the GoScope totally unique is the front mounting system that can accommodate 2 GoPro units. So now you can film your run looking forward with one angle and have another camera pointed directly at you. Another really cool feature with the mounts is the ability to point the camera in any direction by simply sliding the GoPro off. This makes changing the camera angle easy as cake as there are no more screws to fiddle within the cold, just slide and lock the camera into place.

GoScope Teton Pass

Mike Hardaker Product Testing the GoScope on Teton Pass

Regardless of your sport of choice, the GoScope Extreme Monopod ($19.99) should be THE GIFT YOU BUY YOURSELF for the holiday season. Designed for snowboarding, skiing, scuba, snorkeling, hiking, wakeboarding, skateboarding and all the other adventures you may find yourself on. As they say “Scope it Out”

GoScope Monopode
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