Globe Cruiser Longboard Review

Globe Cruiser

Saving money is tough but the next time my piggy bank is full I’m going to spend it on a Globe Cruiser Longboard. I’ve been wanting a cruiser board for a while now – in specific a short plastic one – and Globe’s new line of skateboards fits that bill perfectly.

Globe Cruiser Review

Globe Cruisers 6

The Globe Cruiser Longboard packages ($149.95) comes in a bunch of different sizes and shapes with a handful of funky colorways. From what I hear, they hold up well, have plenty of pop, and maneuver with ease.

Globe Long Board Skate Video

The vid has me stoked to get my hands on one of these, but it bums me out that skateboarding hasn’t gotten me a life anything like the one the video portrays. While these dudes get to skate in sick spots with pretty girls all around, I’m stuck bumming around at my subpar local skatepark with no girls in sight. Ah well.

Globe Cruiser Longboard

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