Head Snowboard Bindings Review

Head NX Six Snowbaord Binding in the BackcountryHead NX Six Binding Test | Photo Andrew Tillery Mountain Weekly News

Most bindings are cut from the same wedges of metal, plastic, and foam. They look similar, offer the same functionality, and don’t do anything special aside from what they’re supposed to: attach your feet to your board. Take one look at the Head NX SIX Snowboard Bindings, however, and you’ll instantly notice that Head actually tried to deviate from the norm and come up with something innovative with these things. And, more importantly, they succeeded.

Head NX Six Flexmaster Highback

The Head NX SIX is an all-new binding with a pair of features that you likely have never seen before. The first is the Flexmaster 3000 highback. Sure, the name sounds like some goofy piece of exercise equipment you’d see on a late night infomercial, but it’s actually a pretty genius invention. The Flexmaster 3000 is a toolless way for riders to customize the flex of their highbacks. Slide the neon piece up to amplify responsiveness and performance. Slide it down to fully tweak out your grabs and enjoy a loose, playful ride. Or leave it somewhere in between for a completely custom approach to your highback flexibility. It really is pretty sweet that this change can happen easily in a matter of seconds, which means you can even make adjustments before each run depending on what you’re trying to tackle.

Head Auto Open Binding Straps

The other feature that makes Head’s NX SIX bindings stand out is the Auto Open straps. These straps are on little hinges that fold them out of your way when you’re trying to step into the bindings. While perhaps not the type of innovation we were all hoping for, it actually is noticeably convenient when you go to strap in and you don’t have to bat our straps out of the way while stepping in. There was an initial assumption that the hinge might actually put the straps in an annoying position when you’re trying to dismount a lift or ride with only your front foot strapped in. It didn’t take long to realize that would not be an issue. The Auto Open straps do a solid job of staying out of the way no matter where you need to put your foot.

The other two pieces of the NX SIX snowboard bindings that are worth mentioning are found underfoot. Head stocked these binders with some bonus EVA padding and little silicon inlays situated underneath the heel and ball of the foot. Both aspects are noticeable and appreciated. They work together to create a comfortable experience throughout the day to keep your feet feeling fine from first to final chair.

Overall Impression

Overall, it was excellent to see Head try some new things with a piece of gear that the industry seemingly hasn’t done a whole lot to innovate lately. The Head NX SIX Bindings ($269.00) are ideal for intermediate to advanced riders who like to switch up their style of riding on the go and want a level of highback customization that is unmatched by others. These snowboard bindings are indeed a much welcomed sign of good things to come from the folks at Head.

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