Helly Hansen Enigma Jacket Review

Helly Hansen Enigma Flow Down Jacket

The Helly Hansen Enigma Jacket is incredibly well designed; it is also rugged and well thought out. The seams are reinforced and the jacket material is both flexible and durable. The placement of the pockets, powder skirt and balaclava are intelligent and unobtrusive.

Helly Hansen Enigma Review

Helly Hansen’s Enigma Flow Down Jacket offers a nice fit with room for under layers. The Jacket is soft and has the feel of down with a sleeker design and low profile exterior. The Down Flow Venting system added both warm and a slight bit of extra padding to the back and ribcage of the coat. The Fit is athletic and allows for a full range of motion and has great flex.

The Jacket is lightweight like a down jacket, with the heavy-duty feel of a mountaineering coat; it is the perfect hybrid between the two. The Vents are in good locations along both the upper right and left breasts and along the upper arms for a good cross flow. I like that the vents in the arms have two zippers going in each direction, this makes access to them during activities easier.

Helly Hansen’s Enigma Jacket is made out of a material called Helly Tech 02, very durable yet breathable and waterproof material. Helly Hansen was been developed in Norway since 1877. The jacket has a breathability rating of 20,000 grams and a waterproof rating of 20 K. With the Recco system in the right shoulder you can have an extra level of confidence if an in bounds avalanche was to happen. Recco works like an avalanche beacon and can help in rescues and body recovery’s.

A vented neck keeps your goggles from fogging when the jacket is zipped all the way. I like that the hood of the jacket will fit over a helmet, this is both comfortable and warm on extremely cold days. The Hood is removable and the hooking system is easy to use and well designed to keep from breaking or coming undone while riding. It’s a nice touch that the balaclava zips out, so it can be wahed easily or taken out during warmer weather. The Thinsulate Flex material allows for a range of motion while staying warm and dry. 800-fill goose down allows for both warm and cozy feel. The construction of this jacket is top notch and will withstand the elements in extreme conditions.

The jacket fits snug and is very form fitting while skiing and riding. The Vents are easy to open and close and are designed for maximum venting when all the way open, the air flows evenly throughout the jacket. Pockets are well placed and functunional, the upper left pocket has a goggle wipe which is a nice feature.

The two inner pockets are easy to get too and have enough room to stow a pair of goggles. The left front sleeve has a pocket with a key ring and room for Mountain Weekly business cards. Durability on the jacket is first rate and the color adds extra safety when riding in the trees or on low visibility days.

Soren McCarty Product Testing Helly Hansen Enigma Jacket

Soren McCarty Product Testing Helly Hansen Enigma Jacket

Helly Hansen Enigma Down is stylish and sleek, well crafted and built for extreme conditions. I have received numerous compliments while wearing the jacket. The Jacket is great for shooting photos as the color stands out against snow, trees and natural landscapes. The 20 K breathability is key when hiking in the backcountry or when riding hard and building up a sweat. The Flo2w system venting is key to keep from overheating on warm days with a Fabric breathability rating of 20,000g

Overall impression

The Helly Hansen Enigma Flow Down is the best-designed jacket I have ever owned. I will not go out in the backcountry with out this jacket. The warmth and amount of thought that went into the construction of this jacket is impressive. The Athletic fit is great for riding and skiing, as the jacket flexes and flows when you are bending twisting and flexing. The warmth of Down with the comfort and form of a mountaineering jacket is brilliant. I often wear a long sleeve base layer as my only under garment and am still plenty warm. The venting system is so easy and well built that the airflow cools me off in no time.

Fleece is added to couple key areas of the jacket for extra comfort and warmth. Zippers are easy to use with both gloves and mittens, and are highly durable. Nothing is worse than pulling off the zipper tongue while in the backcountry. The pocket on the back off the jacket are nice touch and great to keep a lightweight pair of gloves in, matches, safety items or power bars. The Breathability of the jacket is first rate and the flexibility is unlike any other jacket I have worn. Form fitting; it hugs your body with out being claustrophobic. The Jacket comes with a limited lifetime warranty, but being as well built as it is I would be surprised if there are very many warranty issues with the jacket.

I look forward to further testing out this jacket through the winter in all types of conditions, I am sure this jacket will exceed my expectations.

Helly Hansen has stopped making the Enigmas Jacket.  In it’s place is the new Backbowl Jacket.  Find out how they compare in our Helly Hansen Backbowl Jacket Review.

Helly Hansen Enigma Jacket
5 / 5 RATING      

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