Helly Hansen Ski Pants Pant Review

Helly Hansen Legendary Pant Review

I needed a new pair of snowboard pants so I looked into the Helly Hansen Legend Pant which offers a clean look, is well built and made to handle any conditions you can throw at them. Sure there may be companies that make pants that look crazy with funky prints, however, I am more interested in having a reliable quality product, and Helly Hansen has a proven track record for doing such, exactly what I want from my outdoor gear.

Helly Hansen Legend Pant Review

The pants feel weightless when I am wearing them, due to the great fit, I don’t need a belt and I don’t have to worry about having to pull them up every couple runs. Sure, it looks cool when your pants are hanging around your knees, because they are too baggy. Oh, wait that actually doesn’t look cool at all, and is the last thing I would want in a ski/snowboard pant.

The Legendary Pants from Helly Hansen are technically a ski pant but built well enough to be a snowboard pant, some people don’t know the difference, let me explain. Ski pants traditionally, are cut slimmer and don’t handle the abuse that a snowboard pant is designed to take. Also ski Pants are not usually as stylish or up to date as snowboard pants, they have been making strides and keeping up with innovations, but typically mountaineering and snowboarding have been setting the trends in winter clothing for years.

The Legendary Pant is rated with Helly Tech. Making the Legend Pant great for climates similar to Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, and Wyoming. The pants are filed with 60g PrimaLoft giving the user that little bit of insulation they need on colder days. The Legend Pant is designed for resort skiing and the occasional backcountry outing, but are not recommended for mountaineering or winter camping.

The Classic fit is both stylish and functional; I have received multiple comments about the look of the pants, from both younger and older fellow skiers.

The PrimaLoft Insulation keeps me warm on the colder days, the Thigh Vents allow me to stay cool on the warm days and the Taped Seams keep me dry on the wet days. The HellyTech Performance Material makes the pants durable and rugged to rips, snags and tears.

I would have been impressed with the quality and performance of the Legend Pant. I would recommend these pants to anyone looking for a great pant for winter activities; they are great for both skiing and snowboarding.

If you’re looking for quality with some style, the Helly Hansen legend Pants ($199) ought to be on your radar.


Helly Hansen Legendary
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