L.L. Bean Snowfield Backpack Review
Last spring and so far this winter I have had the opportunity to ski with one of L.L. Beans new line of ski and snow inspired backcountry backpacks, The Snowfield Day Pack. L.L. Bean Makes Backpacks? First off I would like to say I had no idea L.L. Bean even made backpacks so I was  [...]
Dakine Blade 38l Backpack Review
When it comes to lugging around a bunch of gear for the backcountry I tend to gravitate toward Dakine backpacks. Dakine’s designer clearly work hand and hand with their athletes as these backpacks are incredibly functional and well thought out. For the past year I have been testing the 38l Dakine Blade Backpack on all  [...]
Showers Pass Utility Backpack Review
The Showers Pass Utility Backpack is just the next stage in the evolutionary blending of the hardcore road cyclist and the commited pedal commuter, a lightweight style-heavy monster ready for whatever mother nature throws at it. Not that I’m a roadbiker. I mountain bike a bit; townie cruise when I can. But otherwise I’m usually  [...]
Dakine Baker 16L Backpack Review
After spending a season up in Washington I noticed a majority of locals wearing the same backpack brand. It was always Dakine. Go figure, leave it to a surf company to protect everyone’s gear in one of the snowiest places on earth. The streamlined designed Dakine Baker Backpack appeals to booth skiers and riders looking  [...]
North Face Guide ABS Vest Review
The North Face Powder Guide ABS Vest provides the avalanche protection needed by serious back country skiers, snowboarders, enthusiasts, thrill-seekers and patrollers alike – in a compact vest. Get all the safety with out the heavy pack! This ABS Airbag system is a life-saving tool packed into a comfortable North Face vest that allows you  [...]
Black Diamond Outlaw AvaLung Backpack Review
Three of my friends were hiking in the backcountry when an avalanche ripped down the mountain burying everyone in the group. Luckily all three were wearing Black Diamond Outlaw AvaLung Backpack’s… According to the report on the Colorado Avalanche Information Center the first snowboarder was buried for one hour in 2-3 feet of light snow,  [...]
IceMule Pro Cooler Review
I have been looking for a portable cooler for a few seasons now. The problem I have been faced with in the past is having a cooler that keeps stuff cold and is easily portable. I received my IceMule Pro Cooler (20l) a few weeks ago and couldn’t be more excited to have a cold  [...]