Orange Mud Gear Vest Review


The HydraQuiver is your companion for a long run, hike, bike, race or any other outdoor activity that requires you to bring gear along.

Without weighing you down, The Orange Mud HydraQuiver packs all the necessities including energy-boosting snacks, pieces of safety equipment, keys, your phone and water for on-the-go hydration without bouncing, chaffing or irritations that come along with larger running packs.

Orange Mud Hydration Vest Review

Isn’t this how it usually goes – you pack all the gear you’ll need for your hike, snowboard trip, bike ride or run and then you realize that it’s all more trouble than it’s worth. Because once you get out there the pack itself is bouncing around and weighing you down, slowing your pace and disrupting your concentration. Not to mention that during your workout it becomes soaked in sweat and uncomfortable. Well, those days are over. The HydraQuiver packs all of the necessities into a small pack that sits just between your shoulder blades for a smooth, slosh-free run, bike, hike, or any extreme sport where balancing bodyweight is important.


Loaded with features, this tiny pack has a thick foam padding with air channels to provide ample breathability. The hand-held water bottle fits securely and allows for easy access so you don’t have to break stride to re-hydrate. No need to re-fill hydration packs during a long race or full-day ride, just refill the bottle. And because the HydraQuiver sits between your shoulder blades, the wide funnel bottle is always within reach. Designed for versatility, the HydraQuiver also has reflective logos for nighttime safety, and sinchable staps that fit over jackets snugly.

The HydraQuiver in Action:

Made for active people who simply shine on-the-go, the HydraQuiver ($84.95) won’t slow you down. This ultra-light pack may even go unnoticed, so you can focus on more important things. Like your footing, your balance, your tricks, your speed, your breath or anything else you set out to conquer.

Recently rated one of the top hydration mtb packs of 2019.

Orange Mud HydraQuiver
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