IceMule Pro Cooler Review

Nick Henry field testing the IceMule Pro Coolers 20L Photo Mike Hardaker | Mountain Weekly News

I have been looking for a portable cooler for a few seasons now. The problem I have been faced with in the past is having a cooler that keeps stuff cold and is easily portable. I received my IceMule Cooler (20l) a few weeks ago and couldn’t be more excited to have a cold bevy in the backcountry on a day with the temps into the ’80s.

IceMule Cooler Review

First and foremost read the directions!!! Yes, there are directions; with the IceMule Pro Cooler as there is a proper way to fill the cooler for optimum storage and reliability.

The overall construction of the IceMule Coolers is very durable, comparable to any higher end dry bag. The padded straps are bomber as well as being comfortable under heavier loads. It is an insulated bag that utilizes air to keep that buffer zone so everything inside stays cold. The exterior webbing is also great for packing out the trash or keeping a second layer/towel accessible.

IceMule Cooler

The pack has a huge bonus as well. The IceMule Floats, which makes it a perfect cooler for those water adventures. Whether you are out SUPping, boating, fishing, hiking or just a day at the beach, if this cooler hits the water it pops right back up to the surface.

The bag lives up to its claim of keeping ice for 24hours. Two of the times I used it a 3-pound bag of ice lasted almost 36 hours.

Overall Impression

Overall I would say the IceMule Pro Cooler ($119) is one of the better products I have seen in a long time. It is for anybody that wants to keep things cold and still be able to go mobile. The days of conventional plastic rectangular coolers are gone.

This is a great alternative to enjoy cold drinks and food where you normally wouldn’t be. And for under $120 you can now be the life of the party virtually anywhere.

(Field tested w/ 10-40lbs) max capacity claims 65lbs on IceMule website. I hope you enjoyed this Icemule review, we sure had a blast testing it!!

IceMule Pro Coolers
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