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Incline Optics Goggle Photo Paisley Wildman | Mountain Weekly News

Allow me to introduce my latest goggle of choice: the Adept by Incline Optics. The newly established Incline Optics is a promising company founded by Montana natives. “Innovative. Intelligent. Inspired.” is its main claim, which has proven to be a convincing proposal for its gog-gles. Incline Optic’s prototype, the Adept Goggle, is an impressive foundational product for the company, developed with the true needs of mountain sports in mind.

Even if this goggle didn’t rock awesome lens technology (which it does), I’d probably still wear them just because of how comfortable they are. In general, The Adept Goggle feels sturdy and protective, the perfect combination for charging or cruising down the mountain. Incline’s Adept design includes some super-practical features that make it so appealing:

-Tri-layer foam lines the Adept’s flexible frame for a secure and cushioned fit around the face.
-A wide anti-slip strap holds these goggles in place.
-The 360º spherical lens is designed to offset distortion, providing awesome peripheral views.
-Well-balanced breathability insulates well while preventing fogging.
-The Adept is extremely helmet compatible. In fact, it’s more comfortable with my helmet than any other goggle I own.

Theses dudes are stoked on thier Incline Goggles, Photo Paisley Wildman | Mountain Weekly News

Theses dudes are stoked on thier Incline Goggles, Photo Paisley Wildman | Mountain Weekly News

As I said before, these goggles rep awesome lens technology. The Adept Goggle spotlights a super-easy magnetic lens changing system. Upon purchase, the Adept comes with the Tropic lens, ideal for low and flat light conditions (VLT 38%).
Thereafter, Incline offers five lenses to choose from:
-Regal: great for extremely sunny conditions, reducing glare and maximize visibility (VLT 9%)
-Luna: ideal for high light scenarios (VLT 12%)
-Blueroom: specially designed for party cloudy conditions (VLT 15%)
-Polar: helps distinguish ice from snow (VLT 18%)
-Genius: Polarized and Photochromatic: perfect for variant conditions (VLT 15%-85%)
Incline’s wide array of lenses covers any weather condition you might come across, offering the huge benefit of versatility while on the mountain.

Each of Incline’s lens variations delivers 100% UVA UVB protection, permanent anti-scratch and anti-fog technology. Plus, while the lenses pop off super easily when intended to be, the magnet system doesn’t wimp out under impact. You have to have a pretty hard noggin knocker for these lenses to come off the frame.

Inline Optics Photo Paisley Wildman | Mountain Weekly News

Inline Optics Photo Paisley Wildman | Mountain Weekly News

The duality between comfort and function with the Adept Goggle is what sets them apart. Trying newly developed products is always a gamble, but these goggles happen to be a gold mine. When heading out to the slopes, I now reach to my Adepts before any other goggle.

Incline Optics Goggle
5 / 5 RATING      

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