L.L. Bean Men’s Gore-Tex Patroller Jacket
L.L. Bean invented the duck boot, arguably one of the most iconic pieces of outerwear ever. Yet their reputation is for affordable casual recreation wear, for flannels and comfortable dress clothes and everything else for the average suburban workaday semi-active. But like Superman, this mild 9-7 existence hides a superhero, an unconquerable power hiding in  [...]
Patagonia Men’s Descensionist Jacket Review
The new Patagonia Descensionist Jacket for Men is designed for anyone that spends more time going uphill than down. Perfect for splitboarding and ski touring. This jacket is a slimmed down version of some of Patagonia’s more popular winter shells. Patagonia Descensionist Jacket Review Lets start with what sets the Patagonia Descensionist Jacket apart from most  [...]
Stio Men’s Raymer Jacket Review
If you still haven’t heard of Stio, it’s time to check them out. Based here in our very own backyard of Jackson Hole, they pride themselves on “functional products infused with mountain soul.” Lucky for me, my holiday wish-list was answered and I got to test their new Raymer Jacket. Stio Raymer Jacket Review This  [...]
Mammut Men’s Stoney HS Jacket
The Mammut Men’s Stoney HS Jacket is perhaps the first shell that performs equally as well on the skin track as it does in the lift line.  Heck I even wore this jacket all fall in the rain, so it’s truly a multi-seasonal piece of gear you can wear throughout the year. Mammut  Stoney HS Jacket  [...]