Jones Flagship Snowboard Review

Big Mountain Snowboard from Jones Snowboards

Introducing the powerful The vdubbed “Rhino Chaser” by the man himself aka Jeremy Jones is the premiere freeride snowboard in the Jones lineup. This board can handle anything you throw at it, from icy bumps and hard pack to steep pow lines, this snowboard was made to slay the most variable terrain you’re going to encounter. Learn more in my jones snowboards review.

Jones Flagship Review

I’ve never liked riding full-on directional boards so pulling the Jones Snowboards Flagship out of the box I was skeptical as to where it would stand in my quiver, or if it would end up on eBay. Mounted up, this obvious nose-heavy board looks like a pow slaying machine, and it is. With rocker in the nose and tail, camber between your feet you get the stability of a traditional board, and the float of a rocker board that will have your back leg thanking you an after a long day.

This board has a longer sidecut than most boards relative to its size which you think means a sacrifice in maneuverability. Wrong, the Flagship whips through tight trees like a poppy park board. Carbon fiber power bands dampen vibrations and keep the board stable at high speeds and on variable crud.

Speaking of speed, you will find yourself straight-lining things you made many turns on before. You know those guys you see hiking to your favorite line, strapping in and just pointing it. You wonder to yourself why wouldn’t they make any turns after putting in all that effort to get there. Those guys are riding this board.

All praise aside from the Jones Snowboards Flagship, at least the one I’ve been riding, has a flaw, a major one in my eyes. A board with the Jones name you think would be able to stand up to the abuse associated with freeriding. Yet the P-tex on the base of this thing peels at the sight of a rock. I’ve hit rocks almost unnoticeable while riding to find large gashes to the wood in the base. I mean I get worried when I see small pebbles in the way.

Overall Impression

Overall I have to say the design found on the Jones Flagship ($649.95), is one of the best for freeriding ever made. The rhino chaser Flagship snowboard can handle any condition you throw at it. Just get 2 of them because you’re going to constantly be fixing the base on one. I would check waist widths before you buy; most boards in the Jones line are on the narrow side.

There’s also a version designed for ladies from Jones. The Jones Flagship Women’s Snowboard. No more fussing with guys bords

Jones Flagship
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