Jones Mountain Twin Review

Jones Mountain Twin Snowboard Review

Are you looking for the best all mountain snowboard ever made? Do you want a snowboard that can easily destroy anything and everything the mountain can throw your way this winter? If you answered yes to any of those questions you are going to LOVE the Jones Mountain Twin Snowboard.

This year’s award-winning Jones Mountain Twin is possibly the last snowboard you will ever need to buy. I have been riding this board daily at Baker, Stevens and Crystal Mountain and wanted to share my review :

Jones Mountain Twin Snowboard Review

Slightly tweaked and updated for the new season, the 2016 model is back and better than ever before. With a new graphic, this all-mountain powerhouse all but guarantees a fun time in the snow and will help you look good while you’re laying down sick lines. Not only does this board ride well, its some serious snowboard porn eye candy art by Joseph Toney. You might want to go ahead and buy a second to hang on your wall, the art is spot on.

The Jones Mountain Twin Snowboard stays true to its twin design with a twin shape and evenly laid out flex. Though the stick can still comfortably be ridden in the switch stance, it finds its directional sweet spot when ridden in your regular footing. Think Jeremy Jones, does he ride switch much?

Thinking about getting into splitboarding and looking for a comfortable board to try out that will ride like you want?  Check out our Jones Mountain Twin Splitboard Review and take you’re riding into the backcountry, ie safely.

Mountain Twin Video

Although this is more of a freestyle board in the Jones line the 2016 Mountain Twin performs just as magnificently in the park as it does on hard-packed and big mountain lines. The board is incredibly playful with a nimble feel gives it snap, pop, and power for days. I have over 20 days on this boards and its rides like day 1 still, solid.

A camber profile between the boots and rocker at the tip and tail help out on this front. Mellow Magne-Traction translates into stick, hold, and edge control, even in the iciest conditions. Looking for something a little stiffer with the same profile, you will surely dig the Jones Snowboards Ultra Mountain Twin with its added Carbon Fiber.

Jones Snowboards Camrock Profile

Jones Specs

Still not good enough for you? Think the Jones Mountain Twin sounds awesome but you tend to forgo the life tickets and trek into the freshest of the fresh on your own? That’s why the folks over at Jones offer an entire line of boards for all powder riding, backcountry enthusiast. Including some sweet splitboards too.

You might be wondering jones flagship vs mountain twin? What’s the main difference? Well for one the Mountain Twin is a lot more forgiving than the Flagship snowboard board. However, for a big mountain charger, there is nothing that beats the Flagship.

At the end of the day, it’s hard to go wrong with a Jones Snowboard. And if you love a fun-feeling all-mountain snowboard with a freestyle heart, then it’s even harder to go wrong with the Jones Mountain Twin ($449.00)

Buy this board and then go search out powder, cliffs, rocks and bonks you will be oh so stoked!!

Jones Mountain Twin Snowboard
5 / 5 RATING      

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