Julbo Cyrius Goggles Review

Julbo Goggles

This review of the Julbo Cyrius Goggles from last season just before the full on shutdown/meltdown.  I had been riding all day at JHMR on a full on bluebird day when I got the call from Mike the editor of Mountain Weekly News if I wanted to do some night shredding at the local hill Snow King.

I personally never turn down an invite for some shredding.

Julbo Photochromatic Lens

Snowboarders in Wyoming

I asked Mike if he had some low light goggles for me to run as I only was rocking the dark lenses that day. He threw me the Julbos with the photochromic lens. Neither of us knew too much about the lens but hey, we do now. As the sun set over the mountains is when these goggles really shined. I can honestly say they adapted to the lighting conditions. I could probably be heard saying “do these have night vision?”.

At the $220 pricepoint they do deliver a premium product. functionality wise these are best lens I have ever used. The Reactiv Photochromic  Cylindrical double lens is amazing. The way it actually adjusts to light is incomparable.  Paired with double soft foam and a full silicone strap you will achieve the perfect fit.

Best Fit: Smaller Faces or Women

Looks wise I kinda felt like I should have my weird race helmet or I should be on the deck of some swiss lodge in my bogner outfit. If a top performing goggle is what you are after you can’t go wrong with the Julbo Cyrius Goggle ($229.95). Just don’t expect to hear sick goggles bro in the lift lines.

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Julbo Cyrius

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