Julbo’s Photochromic Technology Virtually Eliminates Glare

Julbo Snow Tiger Goggle Photo Ricardo Moreno | Mountain Weekly News

Julbo has been making sunglasses long enough for your great-grandfather to have worn them when trying to impress your great-grandmother. This French company, known for manufacturing the best mountaineering glasses ever, is not know as much for goggles, but lately they’ve been taking their high optical standards to goggles, with amazing results.

One of their most recent optical advancements is integrating photochromic technology and polarization, which result in a virtual elimination of glare and perfect adaptability to light conditions making them the perfect set of goggles.

Julbo Goggles Review

While other goggle companies have explored gimmicky options, like fast releases to make changing goggle lenses easier, Julbo attacked the problem of changing light conditions head-on. The result is a high quality photochromic optical lens that can literally be used in any light conditions, as it darkens or lightens depending on the amount of UV rays it receives.

Photochromic lenses have been around for a while, but earlier inceptions of this technology felt like they had minimal range, so you could go from a very low light lens, to a light lens, and because using polarized lens technology compromised it’s light-adapting abilities, it wasn’t used in this kind of lenses. Julbo pioneered the ability to use this two optical technologies at the same time with impressive results

Julbo Zebra Glasses Photo Ricardo Moreno | Mountain Weekly News

Julbo Zebra Glasses Photo Ricardo Moreno | Mountain Weekly News

Julbo in Use

I’ve been using Julbo’s photochromic and polarized goggles for the past couple of weeks in everything from before-sunrise pitch black, to mid day full UV assault, and I’m hooked. I’ve been a fan of their classic Vermont glacier glasses since I was an aspiring pimply teenage mountaineer, but I was still a skeptic when it came to photochromic lenses; these past weeks changed that.

I was pleasantly surprised by the ability to adapt to all light conditions, but what struck me the most is their complete elimination of glare. I have yet to see a lens that gives visual glare the same treatments that Julbo lenses do. Instead of glare you get an opaque red hue where there’s any glare. The first time I saw this—while walking down the street on a patch of ice—I had to remove my goggles to understand what was happening, making me look like a lunatic, taking my goggles on and off in the middle of the street. Once I got above tree line though, I realized the full potential of this technology.

Overall Impression on Julbo Optics

My take, after these weeks on Julbo lenses is this: you can buy a set of sunglasses or goggles that have flashy neon colors and look great with your new snowboard or bike, or you can buy the highest grade optical lenses and not only look great while wearing them, but actually see great with them.

Julbo Goggle
5 / 5 RATING      

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