K2 Darko Boots Review

K2 Darko Review

The K2 Darko Boots won’t let you ignore them as they beg for attention with their super loud neon yellow color. Of course, there are other color options that are a bit more mellow, but why not let your feet scream a bit?

K2 Darko BOA

Straight away the K2 Darko Boots BOA Boots didn’t need much breaking in, as they were comfortable even in their first runs. These boots are pretty much ready to go right out the box thanks to K2 incredibly comfortable fit from day 1

Featuring all the intense vibration dampening of Harshmellow, the outsole and the EVA footbed both work together to make your landings crazy soft even when you are stomping hard. I am now absolutely in love with the traditional lacing combined with the Boa Conda liner lacing. You can get that inner fit dialed in perfectly and even tinker with it on the go.

I honestly don’t see myself ever wanting to use another lacing system again. There are also moldable J bars to effectively eliminate heel lift.


Whether you like others to be able to see your bright boots from miles away, or you prefer a more mild black, the K2 Darko Snowboard Boots come in a few different models. There is even a pretty sweet looking plaid option. These boots are fairly sleek and not too bulky like some can be. That makes hiking in them pretty easy and the outsole gives you plenty of grips so you aren’t slipping around at all.

They feel true to both length and width when it comes to sizing so don’t feel like you have to compensate unless you are the type to wear 18 pairs of socks. Even then, with how warm the K2 Darko Boots keep your feet, one set of socks is all you will need.

Crank that Boa system into your favorite snug zone and it just feels like these boots are giving your foot a giant bear hug. If you get the chance, take advantage of the heat moldable liners. There is nothing better than having a boot that is customized to fit your foot.

Throughout my time in the K2 Darko Boots, I have never once wished for a different amount of flex. They aren’t too stiff or too soft, so they are perfect for whatever type of terrain I choose to attack and can handle any hard carve thrown at them. I can’t say enough good things about the internal Boa system. You can get them as tight as you like, and then flip the dial back to let your feet breathe a bit on the chairlift. The amount of cushion they provide is next to perfect. I have overshot my fair amount of landings and have come down way out in the flat but these boots are always forgiving.

Overall Impression

I’m the type of rider who refuses to break for lunch and is always plotting how to catch the final chair, so my feet are usually quite unhappy with me at the end of the day. But not since I got the K2 Darko Snowboard Boots.  Do yourself the same favor. The K2 Darko Boots ($239.95) has got you covered from park to backcountry, and from first to last chair and beyond.

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