K2 Ender Snowboard Boots Review

K2 Ender Snowboard Boot 2017

Freestyle-focused and ferociously functional, the K2 Ender Boots have been updated for this season. Throughout the design process, K2’s goal was to create a hunk of footwear that was freestyle minded, not too stiff and would maintain consistent flex from season to season so that you can finally rock a pair that outlasts your skate shoes. Mission = Accomplished.

K2 Ender Boots Review

The K2 Ender Boots are crafted with Endo Construction, the end result is the showcase extreme durability while cradling your foot in comfort. A 100% urethane skeleton allows you to enjoy precise flex, consistent performance, and a lively feel. Both external and internal J-bars put your foot on lockdown so that you don’t experience any of that sloppy heel lift. The Intuition Pro-Foam 3D liner lets you dial in the perfect fit that won’t let you fall prey to foot fatigue. Then there is that Harshmellow EVA footbed that dampens landings, eliminates annoying vibrations, and keeps you going strong for a full session.

One of my favorite things about the K2 Ender Boots is the combination of the Boa Conda liner system and traditional lacing. Just give that dial on the side a few spins and you get your liner all nice and snug, just the way you like it. You can even adjust it on the fly, no problem! And there is just something about doing up those traditional laces in the parking lot before snagging the first chair for a day of riding. Some of us just like it old school. Also, an Integrated Asymmetrical Power Strap down towards your toes delivers that last bit of bonus support so that you really feel like you have become one with your boots.

Overall Impression

Overall, the K2 Ender Boots ($329.95) is just a solid-looking piece that does everything you need it to do to have fun snowboarding. It’s not going to be too loose or feel like you’re wearing a clump of damp noodles, because there is plenty of support, but they aren’t overly stiff either. The comfort is legit and the functionality is plentiful. The K2 Ender Snowboard Boots are primed to perform anywhere you like to unleash your freestyle freakiness.

K2 Ender Snowboard Boots

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