Kelty Zyro 68L Hiking Backpack

Kelty Zyro Backpack Review

When wearing the Kelty Zyro 68 Backpack it makes you feel like there is literally nothing on your back. Perhaps it’s why Kelty called the pack the Zyro. Maybe it’s like the word zero, whatever the reasoning it’s one of the better ways to carry weight on your back over a long distance.

Kelty Zyro Review

I broke the Kelty Zyro 68 Liter Backpack in on a 4-day backpacking trip through the Tetons. With lots of daily elevation loss and gain, the Teton Crest Trail was the perfect testing grounds for the Zyro.

If the backpack sucked or was uncomfortable to wear, I would be stuck fiddling and continually adjusting the pack for 8- 10 hours of hiking each day.

Luckily the Kelty Zyro 68 feels amazing from the first moment you put it on until it comes off your back. The Zyro’s the sort of backpack that you won’t be rushing to take off at every snack break…

Kelty Zyro Backpack 68

Kelty Zyro 68 Capacity

The 68 Liters of storage space offered plenty of room for 4-days worth of camping gear. So not only can this pack work for multi-day trips, it’s incredible on quick overnighters as well.

Backpack Pockets

Most of the pockets were well thought out on this pack. However, the top pocket seemed to dump everything out on numerous occasions. So be mindful of what you put there as it wouldn’t be the best place for something like your car keys.

Kelty Zyro 68L Backpack

On the front of the Zyro is one large zippered pocket that can hold maps, toiletries and other items you may want or need on the fly. Bug spray is usually a good bet to store here for quick easy access.

The Zyro Backpack from Kelty is top-loading allowing you to store a bunch of gear deep inside the pack. Once loaded the synch pulls everything into place before the cover is buckled in. (the cover is removable too)

One of the things that make this pack feel super light is its weight first and foremost at only 4 lbs 8 oz / 2.04 kg. Secondly, the pack is able to move freely with your body thanks to the PerfectFIT™ Technology/ Toss in the NadaTech Suspension frame system that actually slides up and down while wearing the Zyro 68 and you just may forget you’re actually wearing a backpack

There are additional pockets on the hip belts that are the perfect place to store snacks, a knife and other items you may want to access on the trail without having to stop.

For hydration, the Zyro offers water bottle pockets on each side that utilizes a neoprene material that allows the bottles to slide in and out with ease.

At the very bottom of the backpack is a zippered compartment for quick access to your sleeping bag.

What’s Inside my Backpack:

  1. Tent (Big Agnes UL3 Mountain Glow)
  2. Sleeping Bag (Therm-a-Rest O degree)
  3. Pillows (Nemo Fillo Elite & Thermarest Compressible Pillow)
  4. Bear Box (Frontiersman)
  5. Stove (MSR Reactor)
  6. Propane
  7. Puffy (Patagonia Macro Puff)
  8. Camp Clothes

Kelty Backpack

As for durability, I didn’t hold back on testing the pack. Anytime we stopped for a snack, the bag hit the ground and was used as a backrest.

Against trees, against rocks and everything in-between the Kelty Zyro 68 Backpack held up as intended, even with it being a lighter weight pack. Kelty used the tried and true 210D Nylon material the outdoor industry has been gravitating towards to add to the overall durability of the backpack.

Overall Impression

Kelty Backpack Frame

For the person that perhaps has bad shoulders and still wants to hike, or the backpacker looking to shave some weight the Zyro from Kelty is a solid bet. With a reasonable price tag, the Kelty Zyro 68 ($229.95) is a smart low-cost investment in a backpack that will surely get many years of use.

Kelty has been making backpacks for a long time now and it clearly shows in the design of the Zyro.

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