HEXO+ Drone Aerial Camera Review

HEXO+ Review

HEXO+, an intelligent drone that follows and films you autonomously, is the future of action sports. It allows anyone and everyone to film themselves aerially for the very best footage imaginable. We wanted to give you a first hand look at our HEXO+ Review :

Squadrone System, the company behind HEXO+, originally started working on the drone as a solution to making aerial footage possible everywhere. They realized that taking bulky and expensive aerial equipment (or hiring a helicopter) was extremely expensive and difficult, even for the top professionals, in remote locations such as the mountains. HEXO+ takes things a step further and brings this technology not only to the pros but to the everyday person as well.

hexo+ review

To get right to the point, the HEXO+ does not require a cameraman or a pilot. All that it requires is you. You use an app on your smartphone to frame the shot (the method is highly intuitive) with a 3D model of the camera’s point of view. Once this is set to go, you simply enter the plan and the drone automatically takes off and flies to the position you specified. It hovers there until you start moving. Then the fun part really starts – the drone automatically follows and films you. It is attuned to your slightest movements so it will continually reposition itself so that it can get the best shot possible.

The HEXO+ makes use of top-of-the-line technology that guarantees smooth camera movements and continuous framing. This thing is seriously good at what it does. Even if you’re just ripping down the bunny hill, you are going to look like big mountain pro Xavier de Le Rue in no time.

In fact, Xavier is one of the faces behind the new HEXO+. He is one of the product’s many ambassadors. Others include professional freestyle motocross rider Mat Rebeaud, professional snowboarder John Jackson, and professional mountain biker Sam Pilgrim among a long list of others.

Hexo Specs

Even if you don’t think you’ll end up donating to the project (though you definitely should), you have to check out the HEXO+ Kickstarter page. There is a ton more information on the specifics of the project including a rad video (with great footage of the drone in action).

If you do want to donate, you already know the drill. Kickstarter donations ensure a little something something comes your way in return. $50 will net you a personal video from the founders, $500 will get you the GoPro-ready version of the completed HEXO+ along with the app, and $1000 will net you a HEXO+, GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition 4K camera, a stabilizing 2D gimbal, and the HEXO+ app.

Find out more info at: https://hexoplus.com/

5 / 5 RATING      

Waiting for product details ...

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  1. As you’re interested in this, you should definitely check out AirDog – it’s awaiting the start of production and shipping in November 2014!

    • Mike Hardaker | July 1, 2014 at 12:31 PM | Reply


      Thanks for the comment, what about pricing? The few drones we have tested have been well over $1,000. The HEXO+ would be affordable for all the wacko action sports junkies around the world, us included. We look forward to testing this unit soon. Please contact us further about AirDog..

      • The main diference between AirDog and other drones is that we’ve tested AirDog for the past 2 years, have gone through many trials&errors to build the solution we have right now.

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