VonZipper Trike Goggle Review

Von Zipper Trike Review

I enlisted my nephew and little buddy Carter to help me review the VonZipper Trike Google. Here are his thoughts, paraphrased in my words, on the VonZipper Trike Goggles a birthday present to him from me!

It seems like there aren’t very many kids snowboarding goggles on the market, so I chose to go with one of the brands that I trust most when choosing a pair of goggles for Carter’s birthday present. Your little guy or gal is sure to have a great view of the mountain out of these guys. Carter thought that they looked cool and mentioned that they fit way better on his helmet than his last pair of goggles.

A pretty simple goggle, the VonZipper Trike holds up well in any condition Mother Nature can throw at your kid. The lens has an anti-fog coating on its UV-resistant lens. Carter didn’t have any trouble seeing out of his Trike’s though he often complained about the name – apparently he has been on a two-wheeler for years and with the way he rides on the snow it is no wonder.

These goggles fit Carter really well. He wears a helmet when riding and the strap easily fits over the back. Carter is still only seven so a lot of goggles are big on him, but he thought that these were the comfiest he has ever worn.

Carter loved the way that these goggles looked and that made me happy as well. He looked super rad when we sat down after a run to have lunch and didn’t even want to take the goggles to eat! In my opinion his killer style is what really made these goggles look so awesome. He wore these VonZipper goggles in white.

It is a little hard to get useful product feedback from a seven year-old kid, but, from my point-of-view, the Trike goggles must have held up well from the way that Carter was riding! From him all that I could get was they’re cool, awesome, and, my favorite, I don’t want to go home when the end of the day came.

When Carter likes something it is a sure sign that the product is top-quality. He doesn’t hesitate to dis products that he doesn’t like and I didn’t hear one bad thing out of his mouth about the VonZipper Trike Goggles. I mean, he doesn’t burn other products without care, but he is quick to point out if they are uncomfortable or don’t work well.

My sister’s boy definitely has a bright future ahead of him as a snowboarding product tester. If being a pro doesn’t work out, that is!

VonZipper Trike Goggle
4.5 / 5 RATING      

Waiting for product details ...

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