KONG Extreme Dog Toy Review

KONG Extreme Toy

Got a chewer? Let your dog Chew away with the KONG Extreme Ball Dog Toy.

Pet owners in the know have trusted the KONG brand for the past 36 years as a great way to their keep dogs occupied. There are times after a long day of work when your getting home and just want to make some food and go to bed, I’m sure you know the feeling too. In the past, I would need to find a toy and play with my dog regardless of my own energy level. Well thanks to KONG this is starting to change.

KONG Extreme Ball Review

What I do now is fill up a KONG Extreme Ball Toy with a mixture of KONG’s Stuff’N (veterinarian based Peanut Butter), some kibble, a couple Planet Dog treats, some more KONG Stuff’N and if I have any leftover meat I toss a little piece in there as well. Needless to say, as this concoction starts to come together my dogs gaze is no longer directed towards me, but on the KONG where it belongs. Now depending on how smart your dog is the KONG Extreme Ball ($9.99) can keep them entertained for a good 30 minutes or longer.

KONG Ball Sizing

  • Small
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  • XXL

The only hiccup comes when your dog starts to learn that its much faster to throw the KONG Extreme Dog Toy ($9.99) in the air and let all the contents come spilling out onto your floor, carpet or in our case my bed. Overall this is a wonderful product for hyper dogs and dogs that like to chew.


KONG Extreme Dog Toy

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