Korua Asytoni 68 Snowboard Review

Korua Shapes

The Korua Asytoni 168 behemoth of a board is an absolute game changer. This asymmetrical pow machine is something you would expect to find at the bottom of the ocean, or on top of Everest.

Korua Asytoni Review

I really liked how wide the board was all the way throughout. The nose on the Korua Asytoni is absolutely monstrous and ensures flotation as well as the short asymmetric tail allowing for maximum turning, stability, and ability to really lay into your turns with no toe or heel drag.

The directional shape of it allows for short quick turning, and for flotation in powder if you can find it.

The asymmetry really helps swing that nose around on the 168, that’s a lot of board to turn, but through the design, this board can turn on a dime, and is the surfiest board you can ride beside maybe a no board. The board I tested was made for regular footers and they even have one for goofy footed riders too.

The camber beneath your feet as well as the rockered nose allows for even more flotation, as well as edge control in variable conditions. This board is stiff and allows you to ride terrain differently than you would on your normal board, with the Asytoni, it wants to go fast, it wants to go big.

My first-day riding was up on Teton pass in less than favorable conditions, but there was soft snow around, and this board handled just as well in variable conditions as it does in the deep powder.

The long arching turns you can make on this board is second to none.

Korua Asytoni 68 video

I was able to take a short trip down to Steamboat Springs during a high-pressure system, they had received about 15 inches in the days leading up to my trip. With no hesitation, I headed to backcountry with the Asytoni. Let’s just say I was running through all the hikes, just knowing this board would rip.

I immediately went for some airtime, but like I said before this board wants to go fast and big, so I went with it, and sent what is now, the biggest Method of my life, and stomped the sh&* out of it. (was riding solo, no photos) After that I continued to hike the rest of the day, sending pillows, chutes, and cliffs, bigger in an 8 hour period, then I had the entire 5 seasons I lived there.

The confidence I have in tight trees and gullies on a 168 is astounding, scary at first but once you see how agile it is because of the asymmetry, it changes everything.

The Asysoni may be the most versatile 168 snowboards on the market. Between the ability to send without fear of nose bombing into a ragdoll, and the quick turns you can make in tight situations AND the ability to really open it up and just make amazing big fast turns, I’d love to see a company rival that.

Korua Shapes Asytonia Photo Cody C. | Mountain Weekly News

Korua Shapes Asytonia deep in the Tetons of Wyoming Photo Cody C. | Mountain Weekly News

Not to mention all the looks and props I received for having a snowboard not very many people have actually seen.

I also really dig the base graphic and top sheet design. The top is white. The base is Red. Simple yet classy.

Overall Impression

I would recommend this board to anyone who is looking for not just another snowboard to go bash into a bunch of rocks and jib with. We liked it so much it was nominated for one of the best powder boards of the year. This is your Big mountain, backcountry riding, powderhounds, that Simply are turning on a plank of wood, and loving each turn as if it were their last.

I will be doing everything in my power to keep this Korua Estonia in my quiver, that’s what this board means to me…

Korua Asytoni 68 Snowboard

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  1. Anthony Calabro | November 7, 2016 at 10:11 AM | Reply

    first off thanks for doing a review on this board i cant find anything anywhere on it. 168 is huge for a board and i know this bored is also very wide. That being said i live in the PNW near BC and i am eyeing this broad hard right now as an addition to my quiver. Can you speak to to how well it handles in the resort on groomers and cat tracks? Also i am still having a hard time believing that a 168 will perform nimbly in the trees. Any advice is greatly appreciated thanks so much!

    • Hey Anthony,

      Thanks for reading! As far as your questions,This board will handle better then any other 168 through the trees. With the sidecut radius and the swollowtail esc shape of it, it hoons through the trees, this is coming from riding a season at Jackson, as well as some days at Steamboat(which are widely known for their tree riding). As far as cat tracks go there is no problem.It handles normal. These boards were built to carve. I competed in banked slaloms with it I’ve rode it on ice,hard pack,pow,slush, literally every condition you can imagine and this thing just wants to turn. I’ve literally never had more fun on a snowboard. Not to mention the stompability of this thing. I recently just moved up to bham and will be riding baker with it. Once we get out of low tide your more then welcome to take her for a rip.

    • this is the season to own a Korua!!! Especially if you are in the NW.. Thanks for checking out the site Anthony!

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