Lazer Impala MIPS Helmet Review

Lazer Impala ReviewMike Hardaker Testing the Lazer Impala MIPS Helmet on Teton Pass | Photo Mountain Weekly News

The Lazer Impala MIPS Helmet is the sort of helmet you actually forget you’re wearing while on the trail. Having the protection of MIPS is great, as long as your helmet stay in place.  With the Advanced Turnfit System, you can guarantee a nice secure fit throughout your ride.

The Lazer Impala Helmet is light-weight coming in at a 315g (0.69lb) for the small size. One would expect the Lazer Impala Helmet to weigh more with the inclusion of the MIPS layer and EPS impact protection found throughout.

Lazer Impala Fit

Lazer Impala Helmet Review

Mike Hardaker Wearing the Lazer Impala Helmet | Photo Mountain Weekly News

Per the Lazer Helmet sizing guide, I went with size Medium.  The medium out of the box fit well and would have been easy to tighten or loosen thanks to Lazer’s Advanced Turnfit System. Most helmets have a similar dial to adjust on the back, but what sets this helmet apart from some of the others is the ability to tighten vertically and horizontally against your head.


The Lazer Impala Helmet is available in sizes: Small, Medium and Large.

Camera Mounts

For the GoPro, Rylo crowd that likes to capture your ride in POV style, cameras can easily be mounted and attached to the top of the Lazer Impala MIPS Helmet.

Lazer Imapala Helmet MIPS

Mike Hardaker Mountain Biking While Wearing the Lazer Impala MIPS Helmet | Photo Mountain Weekly News

Overall Impression

With the ability to adjust the visor on the fly, tons of ventilation and a featherweight feel, Lazer’s Impala Helmet will allow you to spend more time on your saddle.

And for those of you not familiar with MIPS.  It’s a no-brainer to use, a must-have for action sports per say. In the event that you crash (which happens a lot on a bike), MIPS Helmets have a gel-like material that mimics the fluid inside your brain.  This allows for your head and brain to move in a more natural feel instead of slamming against the helmet which can lead to concussions which is just another word for brain damage.

Lazer Imapala Helmet with MIPS

Lazer Impala MTB Helmet with MIPS | Photo Mountain Weekly News

When MIPS helmets first came out they had a high price tag.  Now Lazer has figured out how to introduce MIPS into their Impala Helmet ($139.99) at a fraction of the price.

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  1. Does the Impala (and Lazer helmets in general) fit round or oval heads better?

    • Mike Hardaker | July 21, 2020 at 10:39 AM | Reply


      I have a standard size head ( for whatever that matters ) these helmets have the ability to dial in the fit regardless of size.


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