Lazer Oasiz MTB Helmet Review

Lazer Oasiz Mountain Bike Helmet

The Lazer Oasiz Helmet is a go-anywhere, do-everything slice of melon protection. Designed to let you rip up some trails or even get off the track with confidence, the Lazer Oasiz Helmet has got everything necessary to enhance your time on two wheels.

Before I even opened the box I could tell that this was an impressively lightweight piece. Sure enough, weighing in at only 285 grams, there aren’t many lighter models out there that have this much functionality and versatility.

Lazer Oasiz Helmet Fit

Once out of the box, it was easy to notice how much of a focus Lazer put on fit with the Oasiz. First, there is the Rollsys retention system. A simple dial on top of the helmet adjusts the tightness of the head basket. You can even tweak it with one finger while you’re riding to stay comfortable no matter what. There is also another easy adjustment you can make with the back of the head basket to move the rear of the basket higher or lower on your head to further dial in your favorite fit.

The chin strap even uses a magic buckle magnetic closure system that makes snapping in super simple even with mountain bike gloves on. I also really appreciated how easy it was to adjust the straps so they not only achieved a snug fit, but they weren’t messing with my ears either. I took about 5 minutes to fiddle with all the fit features of the Lazer Oasiz MTB Helmet to get it just right before riding and it was nothing but pristine, cozy, goodness from that point forward.

While I didn’t get the opportunity to smash my head into something to test the durability, one thing I do know for absolutely sure about the Lazer Oasiz bike helmet is that it refuses to let your head overheat. 21, count ‘em, 21 vents pull a ton of air through this thing to keep your dome cool. Quite ideal when it’s not raining, but I hear Lazer offers an optional winter liner to take care of the moisture when it descends from above during the less sunny months. But when the sun is out the fixed visor keeps it out of your eyes so you can focus on the trail.

For those who are looking to capture their mountain biking shenanigans on film, this an absolutely perfect helmet, because it comes ready to rock with a built-in GoPro mounting platform. Your camera will mount firmly up top and you don’t have to worry about it coming loose like some of those other janky setups. And for those who aren’t into the filming thing and would rather shed a few more grams, the mounting platform is pretty easy to remove.

Overall Impression

Make no mistake, the Lazer Oasiz looks slick. However, after tinkering to dial in my ideal fit, I slapped it on and forgot about it for the duration of my test sessions. But that’s exactly what’s supposed to happen with a good mountain biking helmet! Ideally, you’ll only think about it if you take a gnarly spill and it does its protective thing when you bump your noggin. It doesn’t shake around or anything even on bumpy trails. This slice of magnificence just snuggles up to your head in all the right ways.

I have no problem declaring the Lazer Oasiz Helmet ($99) the most comfortable model to have ever graced my skull.

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