Leatherman Hail Review

Leatherman Hail Snowboad Tool

While fix-up benches have become a more common sight around the mountain than they once were, there still aren’t very many pocket tools designed specifically for snowboards and snowboard hardware until the release of the Leatherman Hail Snowboard Tool. Fine-tuning and fixing-up your gear at the mountain is never fun. When all that you want is to be out on the slopes riding, maintenance can be a serious hassle. And this is even truer when you have to rely on the resort to provide you with the right tools for the job.

Leatherman Hail Snowboard Tool Review

Well, the tool giant Leatherman aims to change that with their recently released pocket tool that is designed specifically for snowboarding. Teaming up with the unique folks at Signal Snowboards, Leatherman put together the Hail, a snowboard multi-tool built for snowboarders.

A quick look at the Leatherman Hail shows that it is equipped with a #3 flat/Phillips screwdriver, a 10mm wrench, a scraper, and a lacing assist. It doesn’t seem like much, but it will get you out of just about every pinch that might come up in a day of riding. On a fun note, the tool also comes with a bottle opener and an ear bud winder.

Awarded this year pick for best snowboard tool of the season.

My favorite part about the Leatherman Hail is its small size. It was designed to be small, flat, and light so that it stashes easily and securely in the pocket of your jacket. This way you won’t get stuck up top if anything goes wrong.

I’ve used the Leatherman Hail for several basic board/binding repairs and it has performed like a champ; it is durable and gets the job done. Better yet, it is easily paired with the Leatherman Style PS, a more traditional pocket tool that comes with pliers, scissors, a blade, and wire cutters among other tools. The two actually dock together to create a super tool of sorts – and I’d definitely recommend buying them both.

A pocket tool might not be the most exciting piece of snowboarding equipment around but it sure is handy. Simply put, you don’t want to be left out in the snow with a basic repair without one. The Leatherman Hail is only $45 (when combined with the Style PS) and will last forever.

Leatherman Hail

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